Wednesday, June 8, 2016

the disneyland trip

We did it.  We loved it.  We want to go again. 
Callum, being a tall toddler, was able to ride vitrually everything except Indiana Jones and California Screamin.  
Jason had never been to Disneyland.  Seeing his face at all of the magic that is Disney was just as precious as seeing Motorcycle's reaction.  
Riley was by no surprise the world's best baby.  She barely made a peep for the two full days we were at the park.  She is just too good of a baby. 
I ate 4000 churros. 

Sunday, May 29, 2016

the blessing

We waited to bless Riley until her Kiwi whanau could be here for it.  She was blessed on Memorial Day weekend.  

It was really neat for Jason to have his dad and brother in the circle with him.  I'm so glad we waited.  

This special girl is going to do amazing things.  She is so innocent and full of love.  I can't hardly handle it.  

Monday, May 23, 2016

the graduation

He did it!  I want to say a lot about this event, but I don't really know where to start.  He has finished school against all odds.  I'm so proud of his hard work. Check out this handsome RN!!! 

the threenager and eleven week old

11 weeks.  Things are going well ... probably because the stress of Jason finishing school has finally ended.  Riley is a content, calm and happy baby.  She's not the kind of baby that requires walking the hall in the middle of the night.  Speaking of nights, she's down to 1-2 feedings a night.  I'm hopeful that I'll soon get some solid sleep!  I love hearing her little voice.  She likes to use her voice when you smile at her.  It's on the quiet side but precious and warm.  

Callum is now officially a threenager.  I never really saw the terrible twos in him...but now that he is three...times are tough.  It has to be the fact that Riley's birth coincided with this new fun age.  He is a ball of energy but can never seem to contain it at the right time.  He's obsessed with trains on a whole new level.  We've checked out a few train books from the library and have renewed them over and over and over. These books have given him additional vocabulary words and functions of trains that have elevated him to train expert level.  

Sunday, May 8, 2016

the mother's day

My two kids make me feel like the most lucky person alive.  While I am proud of many things in my life, nothing trumps being a mom.  
I am so very blessed.

Sunday, April 24, 2016

the seventh week

Check her out!
She's a beauty.
Today I spent more time than necessary in the mother's room.  She just kept smiling and being cute.  I had to seize the moment of mom/daughter time.  

the third birthday

 My first little is now a three year old!  You can't begin to know how ridiculously happy and rambunctious this guy is.  He's the most spirited and purely happy toddler I've ever met. 

Thursday, April 21, 2016

the role of mom take two

I've had my fair share of ups and downs since Riley Kay joined our family.  Despite this, I can't help but think that this gig is a heck of a lot easier the second time around.  When people ask me if she is a good baby, my response is always yes...and I always say it's a combination of her being truly a good baby but also me knowing what I am doing much more this time.  

With Callum I always felt like I was no where near ready to have another baby.  The thought was traumatizing and impossible to me.  I didn't really warm up to the idea of having a second baby until he was closer to being two. 

With Riley I already want another baby!  The pain and intensity of labor is still fresh in my mind but I can't help but think about adding to our family.  

The other big thing is that I couldn't comprehend sharing and adding my love to another child.  I almost felt bad for a way.  People tell you that your heart just don't truly comprehend this neat instinct until you have another child.  My joy and love has indeed multiplied...and maybe that's why I see how I have room for another child, even now, so soon after her birth. 

I also was terrified about having a girl.  There are things about girls that do terrify me...most of these things don't come up until many years down the track.  For now, I can't believe I was ever worried about buying her cute things and dressing her in girly clothes.  She's precious and beautiful.

On a more personal note, this time around has me feeling a lot more self conscious and paranoid about making sure my body returns to what I want it to be.  I tend to be really hard on myself so I really should take everything in this area with a grain of salt.  However, I won't be content until I reach certain milestones.  Said an endurance/tempo run at normal intensity with no aches/pains, wear all of my jeans, and lastly but not that important is to lose the remaining 12-14 pounds that I gained during pregnancy.  Now for some detail on each.  I have already returned to running and hit an 830 mile pace without too much effort, but I'm battling the side stitches that I remember getting with Callum.  I remember they went away with time...anxious for that time to come.  The jeans thing is showing progress. It seems that each week I try on jeans that I'm getting a little smaller.  What can I say?  My butt and hips got wider.  I don't want to be smaller than what I was previous but I do want to be able to wear my regular old jeans without jumping off of a building to get there.  Lastly, I realize that for my height my weight right now at the sixth week is an acceptable and normal weight.  However, I've been in the 135-140 weight range for a good 6 or 7 years and have no reason to not maintain that now.  Again, I shouldn't be hard on myself.  I've come incredibly far in six weeks and truly need to let my body do its thing (and let nursing work its magic).  

In summation, my life is so much better now that I am a mother.  When I look at my two littles, I truly believe I was given babies that are far greater than me.  I'm humbled to call them mine and will do my best to be what they deserve.  

the sixth week

Well, we made it through the rough patch of postpartum/newborn world.  
It's the sixth week and things are on a schedule and most importantly, I'm back to running regularly.  

All I have to say is Riley Kay is a precious and calm daughter.  Here is a list of some of the things that make her my precious little baby.

While she does wake up 3-4 times a night still, she simply nurses and goes back to sleep with no effort.  

She loves touch.  She can be comforted simply by having her hand held or by having a good cuddle.  

Swaddling really works for her.  She puts her hands in fists and crosses them over her chest so that she is all snuggled up.  

She is doing very well with nursing.  Other than a touch of thrush, we haven't had any issues.  

She gave her first smile at five weeks.  I was the lucky recipient.  

She is still a tiny little thing...wearing newborn sized clothes.