Wednesday, April 19, 2017

the Easter fun

I really enjoyed taking part in Easter fun with the kids this year.  Callum picked up on finding eggs and enjoyed doing it several times throughout the week.  We even ventured to do the city egg hunt, which he loved. I would even go as far as to say that Riley figured out pretty quickly that eggs were meant to be put in a basket.  

The best part of all is always going to church with special new Easter church clothes.  My kids were looking snazzy.  Another special highlight was that Callum got to sing with the primary children during Sacrament meeting.  He was in the dead center front folding his arms for the first 45 seconds.  Suddenly, in the middle of the song, he decided to start jumping in place.  The one lone kid jumping in place during a very reverent rendition of Gethsemane.  I was dying laughing inside but also dying of fear about anything else he might do up there.  We made it through.  

Another funny thing was that he got to have the birthday song sung to him in primary since it's right around the corner.  When they called him to the front, he sped right to the microphone and immediately started saying a prayer.  It was funny and precious that he knew that's what the microphone is for.  He was so confused when he wasn't supposed to be at the microphone and only standing at the front while they sang to me.  He is just so eager about life.  

the twentieth week

Well, it's been a really uneventful pregnancy thus far and haven't felt the need to document too many weird or notable things. 
I've reached the halfway mark and am starting to sport the little belly.  It's been really surprising how long it has taken to show.  I thought for sure that the third kid would be a legit belly right out of the know the muscles already know how to stretch out...I just had a baby 12 months ago...those things.  Nevertheless, the belly is out on display at halfway.  I've elected to not find out the gender...hoping that the upcoming ultrasound will not reveal what it is any way.  

I'm also happy to report that my running is still going great.  Not having to wear the belt or slow down.  I am still running without feeling pregnant!  What a blessing.  I am grateful for another baby that allows me to run and push myself without harming anyone.  

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

the Phx 1/2 Marathon recap

I ran the Phoenix Half Marathon and had a respectable time for a 12 week pregnant and nursing lady.
The most noteworthy thing about this particular race was how COLD the start was.  It was unseasonably cold for Phoenix, and I found myself shivering in my little skivvies to stay warm.  I was desperate enough to pick up someone's discarded sweater into the first mile.  I wore that sucker for 4 miles!!!   This was the first race where all four sisters ran.  That was a fun treat since running a race is a very individual thing.  We didn't run together at all on the course
 but stayed together and prepped together.  It made those things much more enjoyable.  

Another highlight for me was that I ran a 7:01 13th mile.  I am proud of that considering my "condition".  I hate the stereotype about not being able to do anything because you are pregnant. Give me a break. Exercise is the number one reason I have easy pregnancies.  Get off the couch and move.  Hopefully next year I'll be running the full marathon after having another great pregnancy. 


the third baby

Did you know Popcorn/Football is on his/her way?
Yes, that's right.  I'm nearly 4 months pregnant with number three. 
I chose to live the first trimester in secret and sickness.  Just wasn't ready to announce.  I think I really struggled in the beginning because I was still nursing Hot Dog.  Nursing and growing a human really really takes it out of you.  I've never been so exhausted.  I found myself not even making it to 730 pretty much every night.  Now that I've cut Hot Dog off and turned a corner into the second trimester, life is getting easier. 

As always, I'm still running.  Pregnancy will never stop me from running no matter how tired and sick I am.  It's just in my blood. I've been really surprised that I am still wearing my jeans.  With Riley I got rid of jeans at 11 or 12 weeks.  I'm still comfortably buttoning most pants.  It's a little added treat for the ridiculous first trimester I had.

14 weeks

13 weeks

Monday, March 6, 2017

the first birthday

We made it to one!  Why does Riley seem like she is still so tiny?  I think it might be because I know what cute little baby one year olds grow into.  I didn't with Callum. 

Riley is on the brink of being  a full on walker.  She is able to balance on her own and take up to 4 steps unassisted.  It's a matter of days now. 

We had a family party to celebrate her day.  She's loved and happy and that's all I care about. 

Riley went through a really fussy stage with me from about 8-12 months.  I feel that she has finally turned a corner.  She is happy to play with Callum or by herself.  She doesn't feel the need to be constantly held by me.  Bedtime and naptime are a cinch.  She is happy to go down when still awake.  I really love that about her.  

She doesn't have much hair yet.  She is kind of a blonde baldie still.  I can tell it will be light brown/'s just not growing much.  Her eyes are envious blue.  They can stop you on the street shade of blue.  Lucky gal.

Thursday, February 2, 2017

the eleventh month

Little Hot Dog is creeping up on a ton of milestones!  This nearly one year old baby is standing and scooting along furniture constantly.  She walks with push toys and sprint crawls over any obstacle in her path. 

Her ferocious appetite for food, anything food is intense.  She groans, squeals, and screams for people food any chance she can.  She is still nursing but has been put on the naughty list in the last few weeks because she started biting!!!  Because of this, I've decided to cut out one feeding a little earlier than originally planned.  

The day after Christmas she was hospitalized due to a 105 fever with no other symptoms.  We never were able to put a name on what she had, but after 3 days of IV antibiotics she was up to her old antics and released.  That put a damper of Christmas break for sure. 

As of her being 9 months old, she has been sleeping soundly through the night.  Bless her for that.  

This precious girl is spunky and happy and full of prunes.  I am dying for her to start talking and walking.  I just can't wait to see who she ends up to become.  

Friday, November 25, 2016

the eighth month

Hot Dog is so precious and ridiculous!  
She has been crawling since 7 months and is comfortably standing and scooting along furniture.  Sitting up came a little after crawling.  
I remember thinking that Callum was busy and on the go.  I don't think that anymore.  Riley tops his busyness in every way!  

She's still not even close to sleeping through the night.  I've been frustrated with this since Callum easily slept through the night at 6 months.  When I let her "cry it out", she will cry for a very very very long time.  She doesn't seem to give up.  Again, Callum never did this.  

She's an incredibly happy and sociable girl.  She has zero stranger danger and is quite happy to be the center of attention.  She adores every thing about Callum.  She responds to him and talks to him.  It warms my heart more than I can describe. 

I'd say that I'm definitely the favorite parent right now.  She breathes pretty intensely when I come into a room and won't settle for me to do anything less than hold her if I'm near her.  

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Tuesday, October 11, 2016