Sunday, October 19, 2014

the drop off

We have reached a milestone.  

Jason and I eagerly and bittersweetly dropped Callum off at nursery today.  
He is technically not 18 months until Wednesday, but he has been quite ready to try nursery by himself for several months.  

So today was the day.  I made sure to get the inaugural picture, and he could not even pose for the two seconds I needed to document his first big boy church day. 

Since the day he was born, and I instantly fell in love with the little guy, I kept dreading this eighteenth month for the singular reason of having to let go of him for a few hours.  The reality is that all three of us have been ready and excited to get this show on the road.  

Callum has always done well with unfamiliar adults and children.  He is friendly and outgoing which helps him to do well in situations without his parents around.  We watched from the door for a few minutes and were not surprised even a little bit that he sprinted from toy to toy and chair to chair to play and be happy.  That's our boy.  

I even sneaked out of primary several times to see what he was up to.  More of running from chair to chair and toy to toy-not skipping a beat or missing a minute.  At one point he was playing with another kid at the toy kitchen.  

I picked Callum up and was very happy to see that he was coloring a picture of Jesus loving others.  It melted my heart even.  

I am proud of who he is becoming.  However, I also feel extremely responsible for how he interacts with others and learns to be a disciple of Christ.  That is absolutely my job.  Frankly, I need to do a good job.  I am reminded of this as I look through the glass window in nursery for the first time ever. 

Thursday, October 16, 2014

the boston decision

Remember how I qualified for Boston?  Remember how it was a goal and dream I had referenced for more than several years?

The Boston registration process began weeks ago, and I forfeit my opportunity to register.  I did this with hesitation but stalwart confidence that comes with being a mortgage-owing, recent grad school graduate, future mom of several children, owner of tight budget, wife of nursing school student, working mom--RUNNER.  In other words, there are way too many crucial purchases and commitments for me to chase my running dreams on the east coast at this time.  I hate that it comes down to not being able to justify a big fancy running trip among the many many bills.  It is what it is.  

It does hurt my heart.  I reached a level of running that a very small percentage of runners will ever even reach.  I accomplished a goal that seemed nearly impossible.  More than anything, I did it during my first year as a mom, first year in a school leadership position, and last year of my graduate program.  To say my time was stretched didn't even scratch the surface.  In many ways I believe that this is why I succeeded with the lofty goal.  My commitments demanded that I was using my time wisely in every little way. I also believe that my very recent experience in childbirth with no pain medicine opened my eyes to what my pain threshold and endurance really is.  The bottom line is that I am a tough cookie.  I inherently knew I could run my goal marathon time because of my ability to embrace childbirth as a process and conquerable goal.  

When April comes around I will be sad.  I will always wonder what if.  However, I find solace in knowing that I ran the intended time.  I find solace in knowing that I thrived during a potentially tumultuous year.  I find solace in knowing that I still have many Boston years left to qualify and live that dream.  

Meanwhile, I run a half marathon in November.  I embrace the dark winter months of running.  I do well with those months.  Something about it being not easy to run in single digits makes me want to get out the door even more.  A 2015 marathon will fall in there somewhere.  Track season in the spring will bring me coaching time and sprinting time. 


Wednesday, October 15, 2014

the eighteenth month

Somewhere along the way little Motorcycle turned into a real toddler.  This toddler thing is tough.  
Labor and delivery with no pain medicine-easy
Non-mobile baby-easy
Cute walking baby-easy
Big baby that runs, plays, goes all out 100% of the time-not easy

To support my statement of challenge, I can say that I even checked out two books on toddler development and nurturing because I'm just needing some extra insight.  

It isn't all pirahhnas and quicksand though....there is so much that is fantastic and rewarding.  Here we go...
His word list consists of the following

Callum is an extremely communicative kid.  I have always felt that his ability to communicate what he needs in an effective manner has been quite effective for sometime.  He uses the sign for more when he wants anything additional to eat or drink.  He will lead your hand or fingers to the thing he needs  you to do or see.  He uses baby language effectively to express excitement or frustration. There are very few times when I scratch my to head to know what he needs. 

Callum is his dad.  What this means is that he is fully of energy and happiness.  Have you met Jason?  He is always happy.  He is always all-go.  When Callum runs around the house, it doesn't suffice to just run.  The kids sprints 100% and falls at the slightest obstacle.  He rarely cries about it.  99% of days he wakes up smiling and goes to bed smiling.  From morning to night, he is happy and loving.  This is supported by his constant need to dance when he hears music, his ability to give mom a kiss on any request, and his constant smiling and talking.  

Callum does pretty well with other kiddos around.  He worships his Henling cousins
and enjoys anytime he gets to meet other toddlers.  

He has recently discovered that tv is kind of neat.  He likes to watch the boob tube in his vibrating chair when he wakes up and before he sleeps at night.  My fear is that he'll get addicted, but it is nice to have him just sit still. 

To this day, I cannot recall even one time that he has fallen asleep on my lap or just sat on my lap for a long period of time.  He is not capable of just sitting.  I do wish that I could get additional cuddles, but he is just too energetic. 

You will be surprised to learn that he does enjoy listening to stories. He has several die-hard favorite books that he will always listen to.  That makes me very happy. 

One of the challenges I have recently faced is the binky.  He has gotten territorial with is binky.  He carries it around constantly and if we take it away from him, he throws a tantrum until it is returned.  I realize it is time to get rid of it.  I need to just go cold turkey on it.  Part of me is scared to do it because in doing so, he is no longer a baby.  That makes me sad.  

His personality seems to be increasingly stronger as he learns and learns.  Sad or frustrating things are harder for him and induce bigger cries or tantrums.  I try to not react to these episodes.  It isn't always easy.  That's where my toddler books will come in handy. 

In summary, being a mom is fantastic.  I love my little buddy.  He's all I care about.  

Thursday, October 2, 2014

the kiwis came

We have had the most wonderful and magical week with our Kiwi family.  TWELVE members of Jason's family came to American and stayed with us.  
There was Nana and Papa and Winsome and Syd and Nicole and Jackson and Deziah and Kyle and Damien and Stephen and Hone' and Jonathan.  

We shared many parts of our American life with the family.  Outback and La Posada and Sonic and McDonalds and Carl's Jr and Chilis and Olive Garden and Cold Stone several times!!  We enjoyed a corporate box at the Diamondbacks Game.  Not only did we have a perfect view from home base, but we were also welcomed on the mega screen!!!  We rocked the Pink Jeep Tour in Sedona.  We went to church.  We drove to the temple only to find out it was closed!!!  We built a brick planter and mailbox in our yard.  We showed every little good thing about our town.  

I just wish there was more time.  Living far away from family is not easy.  

Saturday, September 6, 2014

the baby's first camping trip

Motorcycle went camping for the first time over Labor Day weekend.  
On a scale of 1-10, this trip was a 10.  
There is something magical and family building about getting out of civilization and lost in the forest.  We cranked up the country tunes, put on our camping clothes, and left without looking back.  Well, we turned around when I realized I did not pack pillows.  Then, when we got out to Blue Ridge Reservoir I discovered that I had not packed our air mattress either.  Oops.  

Camping with a child was exhausting and fun all at the same time.  I noticed that Callum's things were carefully and strategically packed.  However, Jason and I forgot just about everything you pack for yourself as an adult.  

Callum enjoyed exploring and playing with his cousins.  He was mesmerized by the campfire at night.  For the first time in a very long time he was willing to sit on my lap and be cuddled.  Those flames are magical!  

He got a 4 wheeler ride and plenty of swing pushing.  

This was slam dunk trip.  I cannot wait for another chance to camp as a family.

Friday, August 15, 2014

the entry to toddlerisms

This is my life.  We are three weeks into the school year.  I am 900 mph every minute I'm at work.  In the back of my mind I constantly worry and long to be with my baby.  The neat thing is that I am convinced I am my best mom self during the school year.  I try to drop everything to give him devoted attention. 

We have entered the new world of toddler care.  What a world it is.  Guys, it's a little intense.  I am rarely lucky with picking a food item he wants.  He cries when things are taken away from him.  He is always sad to be put in bed.  I will get through these toddler trials. 

Let's focus on the precious things. Callum is able to replicate many words.  I've noticed that he has mastered saying the first to two to three sounds of a consonant blend at the beginning of the word. For example, garbage man is simply ga.  Speaking of garbage, Callum recognizes the sound and sprints to the front door to see him.  I really like that about him.

Callum has tan skin with bright blonde hair and blue eyes.  He is just perfect.  He still has a big huge belly.  As a running mommy, I have recently enjoyed the entertainment of Callum running back and forth on the living room floor at the command of "run".  He expects you to clap.  As long as you do, he will run again and again.  Proud mom moment

He is such a wiggle worm.  We recently attended the rosary and mass for Jim Henling's funeral.  He was the only toddler in the church, and his wiggles and sounds could be heard in every corner.  He refuses to just sit on a lap or cuddle. He. has. to. move. All of this makes it surprising to learn that he loves books.  He will look at them all on his own or  from his mom and dad. 
garbage man watching
new trick. 

too big
favorite part of the day
is it a shoe in his hands? not sure

I told you he loves books.
Last piece of family news is that Jason started nursing school.  We are in for a busy two years!