Saturday, September 6, 2014

the baby's first camping trip

Motorcycle went camping for the first time over Labor Day weekend.  
On a scale of 1-10, this trip was a 10.  
There is something magical and family building about getting out of civilization and lost in the forest.  We cranked up the country tunes, put on our camping clothes, and left without looking back.  Well, we turned around when I realized I did not pack pillows.  Then, when we got out to Blue Ridge Reservoir I discovered that I had not packed our air mattress either.  Oops.  

Camping with a child was exhausting and fun all at the same time.  I noticed that Callum's things were carefully and strategically packed.  However, Jason and I forgot just about everything you pack for yourself as an adult.  

Callum enjoyed exploring and playing with his cousins.  He was mesmerized by the campfire at night.  For the first time in a very long time he was willing to sit on my lap and be cuddled.  Those flames are magical!  

He got a 4 wheeler ride and plenty of swing pushing.  

This was slam dunk trip.  I cannot wait for another chance to camp as a family.

Friday, August 15, 2014

the entry to toddlerisms

This is my life.  We are three weeks into the school year.  I am 900 mph every minute I'm at work.  In the back of my mind I constantly worry and long to be with my baby.  The neat thing is that I am convinced I am my best mom self during the school year.  I try to drop everything to give him devoted attention. 

We have entered the new world of toddler care.  What a world it is.  Guys, it's a little intense.  I am rarely lucky with picking a food item he wants.  He cries when things are taken away from him.  He is always sad to be put in bed.  I will get through these toddler trials. 

Let's focus on the precious things. Callum is able to replicate many words.  I've noticed that he has mastered saying the first to two to three sounds of a consonant blend at the beginning of the word. For example, garbage man is simply ga.  Speaking of garbage, Callum recognizes the sound and sprints to the front door to see him.  I really like that about him.

Callum has tan skin with bright blonde hair and blue eyes.  He is just perfect.  He still has a big huge belly.  As a running mommy, I have recently enjoyed the entertainment of Callum running back and forth on the living room floor at the command of "run".  He expects you to clap.  As long as you do, he will run again and again.  Proud mom moment

He is such a wiggle worm.  We recently attended the rosary and mass for Jim Henling's funeral.  He was the only toddler in the church, and his wiggles and sounds could be heard in every corner.  He refuses to just sit on a lap or cuddle. He. has. to. move. All of this makes it surprising to learn that he loves books.  He will look at them all on his own or  from his mom and dad. 
garbage man watching
new trick. 

too big
favorite part of the day
is it a shoe in his hands? not sure

I told you he loves books.
Last piece of family news is that Jason started nursing school.  We are in for a busy two years! 

Monday, July 28, 2014

the first day

I love the first day of school.  It is a day bursting with hope and optimism.  If I am perfectly honest then I would admit that many days can have a negative tone to them in public education.  This is why the first is so incredibly wonderful.  I love that everyone has a clean slate.  Students give their teachers a chance.  Teachers look forward to helping a new cohort of students.  Administrators push towards the accomplishment of school goals.  

Today as I walked the two buildings I work in, I could not help but feel joy and pride for my workplace.  You know, I really love my job.  I love my community.  I love being part of the big school picture.  Last year I learned what it means to be part of a solution.  I learned that school change takes place with teeny tiny steps in the right direction.  Most importantly I learned that I still want to be a school leader. 

Last week I learned that my final capstone project was accepted.  I am now working on securing the paperwork for principal certification.  I cannot believe it.  A dream I have talked about for many years is coming to fruition before my eyes.  

Callum got dropped off at his new babysitter this morning.  He did not cry, but I did.  As I left the room he reached his hands towards me and watched me walk out of the room with the biggest eyes ever.  It broke my heart.  Of course he had a great day.  His babysitter said he is one of the happiest babies she has seen.  The whole working mom thing is a constant challenge.  Do I regret working? Heck no.  Does it make me sad soemtimes?  Heck yes.  

I am a goal oriented person.  Because of this and because goals are always set on the first day of school, here are my goals for the first quarter of school. 

1.  read 1 chapter from the Book of Mormon daily
2.  go to the temple at least one time
3.  successfully help the new teachers make it
4.  be more forthright in my individual support of ELA teachers

Cheers to another great year.  I freaking love my job.

Saturday, July 12, 2014

the temple and family names

Yesterday on our five year anniversary we attended the temple with family names in hand.  These were not far off ancestors either.  Jason and I completed the initiatory work for my grandparents and both sets of great grandparents on my father's side.  The neat thing is that my siblings all contributed something.  First, my brother's children completed the baptizing and confirming back in January.  Seven months later Jason and I went to the temple and completed the next step.  My sister and her husband completed the endowment portion for one set of my great grandparents while my brother and sister in law completed the endowment portion for my grandparents.  With the help of technology the ordinances were recorded at once which made it possible for my brother to complete his portion in Alabama.  

I have always felt tied to my family history.  I am grateful for my heritage.  For some reason I have always had a firm testimony in the importance of temple work.   It must be rooted in my early experiences doing baptisms as a teenager.  Without sharing an enormous amount of detail, I would also say that my patriarchal blessing is very prompting to do my family history work.  

Often times we hear of the importance of family history work and it seems so apparent how true and sure the testimony bearer is of his/her words.  I can now stand on that side of the testimony and say that it is a real and worthwhile cause.  I found myself rallying with my siblings to complete the work.  Not only that, I found myself wanting to be better for my ancestors.  

Visiting the temple is already awesome.  When adding the reverence and importance of your own family names, it is beyond words.  

You can count on me being back to the temple again soon.  

Friday, July 4, 2014

the patriotic run of color

Well, I did it.  I signed up for a color run.  As a rule of thumb, I am opposed to these kind of things.  It is hard to comprehend the idea of throwing around powder while walking and paying for it.  What is the point?  When the element of racing and beating a personal best is thrown in the mix, then I can understand the point.  

When my very small and precious community has events of any kind I try to sign up.  It is a good thing for rural communities.  With some hesitation, I signed up but secretly knew I would make it my kind of fun.  

Amma pushed Callum-she can really zip around with Callum in tow.  I forged ahead to lead the race.  Wait, not a race...I forged ahead to the front of the walker joggers.  

I was a little shy about the color.  I am not one to make a mess or make a fool out of myself in public.   I had a few red and blue areas on my white tank top.  No problem. 

The course was not marked because it was not a race.  Fine.  I had my watch.  I zipped through the course and got to the end and was confused because there were literally no people to be seen.  I beat the workers to the finish line.  I stopped my watch and ran the course backwards until I saw Motorcycle and Amma.  

All in all, it was a very good time.  This is a perfect event for 4th of July.  The red and blue powder looked neat.  Plus, I'm always a sucker for patriotic anything.  

Next year I'll do it again and get supper messy in the beginning.  

My time was solid-though unofficial since I doubt the course was an actual 5k.  Somewhere close to it...but there was not finish line so I ran longer than I needed to.  I ran about a 21:50.  Not too shabby of a pace. 

Sunday, June 29, 2014

the twenty eighth

28 on June 28th

fulfilled in motherhood {{ disappointed in my capstone {{ qualified for Boston {{ coached high school track {{ turned down a principal job {{ improved the work I put into my marriage {{ learned how hard being an adult can be {{ wanted to read and run much more {{ traveled to Auckland {{ realized that my needs and wants are suddenly not important {{ blessed with a perfectly handsome and happy baby boy {{ comprehended the magnitude of raising a family just a little more {{ completed my M. Ed. in Educational Leadership and Supervision {{ put a flag outside the home that I own {{ stopped caring so much about what others think {{ 

We went on a real date last night to celebrate my birthday.  It was a sushi, ice cream, and bookstore date.  

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

the attempt at a decent photo

 On a whim, I badgered Jason to go to the La Posada gardens for a photo shoot.  It was Father's Day, and I had reason to celebrate and document our little family.  

Monday, June 16, 2014

the eric carle favorite

Thank you my baby for loving books.  You make my teacher heart swell.  

Sunday, June 8, 2014

the healthy kiwi

I printed this vintage public service poster from New Zealand and placed it in our kitchen.  It was my humble attempt to decorate our house.  And a small part of me hopes that it inspires some sort of healthy eating simultaneously.

I have more Kiwi ideas about decorating our home.  One of which is a series of frames lining the hallways with pictures that Jason and I have taken of the motherland.  
Callum's room already has New Zealand galore.  We also added a print that says "It all began in New Zealand." to our living room.


Saturday, May 31, 2014

the thirteenth month

Ladies and gentlemen, we have a walker.  
Last week Callum started braving the space between table and couch.  
He can also be coerced into walking from a trusted mom or dad to another trusted person or object several steps away. 
In the last few days he has proven that he can accomplish this feat on his own accord.  He can bring himself to a stand and take up to ten steps or so.  

I guess that means he can walk, right?  

Some things that stand out to me in this thirteenth month--
-s sounds.  S is is his go to letter sound.  When he wants us to notice something, he turns to this trusty letter.  
-the fascination with the fan and lights has returned.  He hasn't cared since he was a newborn, but now that fans are constantly on wherever we go, he excitedly points them out to us.  When we enter his room to pick him up from his crib, it is the first thing he does.  Points to the fan and says a word that sounds a lot like "see."  
-other kids.  His ability to actively play with other kids has really taken off.  Before now he didn't care that much.
-humidifier.  He loves his humidifier.  He inspects it constantly.  It cracks me up. 
-toilets.  At least once a day I have to chase him out of the bathroom so that he doesn't put his hands in the toilet.  It's probably time to babyproof. 
-I don't think he's going to be a pasty white kid.  He seems to already have a tan going even though we are only 2 days into summer break.  His tan skin with his blonde semi-curly hair is more than I can handle.  

His words
Bye Bye
Many S sounds
Many other words that he mimics