Thursday, September 14, 2017

the postpartum recovery

It's day 15 of my postpartum recovery.  I've gotta say this one has been way easier in some ways and way different in other ways.  
Transitioning to breastfeeding was definitely hardest with Callum.  This transition has been what you would expect though I do believe that it's easier to get through when you know what to expect.  The thing that has really been my struggle with this one is the amount of bleeding.  It's day 15 and I still am seeing bright red blood.  I tried walking a mile the last two days and had an increase in bright red blood both times.  With my other two deliveries, I found that I was able to walk and workout lightly by about day 12.  
Of course the other big difference is that I have two kids counting on me.  I don't think I'm nearly as tired as I was with the other two deliveries, however, I found myself feeling overwhelmed about meeting everyone's needs.  

Jason has been a huge support.  I'm grateful for his support, love, and patience.  He just gets that it's hard and jumps in to help.  

I'm dreaming of the day I can go running.  That first run after pregnancy is exciting, scary, and painful all at the same time, and I can't wait for it!

the name

The naming process was a constant fight in our house!  To add to our desperation, we didn't know the gender and so we constantly had to fret about boy and girl names.  I honestly think we disagreed about it every single week of my pregnancy!

I thought that Addison was going to be a boy and Jason didn't have a hunch either way.  We both had our names that we felt really strongly about and Addison was not one of them.  

After she literally flew out like a rocket, Jason cried out GIRL and I wanted to focus on that but couldn't in light of all the scariness.  Her breathing issues and my tearing and bleeding consumed me for quite some time.  In addition to that, the after birth pains were so intense.  They really really took it out of me.  Jason kept wanting to decide on a name and I kept telling him I was still in too much pain.  Out of left field, Jason kept saying she's an Addison.  It fits her.  I knew he was right.  She was an Addison.  It fit.  I wanted my favorite name to fit but it didn't.  We chose Kalli as her middle name because she shares a birthday with her cousin Kalli.  

the two week old

Oh my Addison.  She is either the world's best bay or I know what I'm doing the third time!  Probably both.  So far I'm going to say that her personality is a mild and calm manner compared to my other two.  When she cries, she rarely screams at the top of her lungs.  At night when I go to feed her, I find that she barely uses her voice to let me know she is hungry.  She regularly and consistently goes 3-4 hour stretches.  She pretty much always falls asleep after eating on just one side.  She's not bothered at all by her crazy siblings racket and chaos.  As a matter of fact, I think she likes the noise. 

I think she'll have blonde hair and blue eyes and maybe even more fair than Callum.  I'm so proud of Callum and Riley.  They love her and care about her.  The first three days were awkward and since then both have shown nothing but love and adoration for her.  

Friday, September 1, 2017

the birth story

Addison Kalli Richards

August 30

6lbs 15oz 19.0inches

At 38 weeks exactly I got my membranes stripped.  It immediately caused pain, cramping, and a bit of bleeding.  I was happy to endure all of those things because I found out I was "almost" a 3 and 60-70% effaced.  That was considerable progress towards real labor, so I figured it would really get labor going.  Well, that turned into the longest weekend of my life.  I had regular contractions and cramping from Friday night through Sunday.  There were good stretches where the intervals was right around 5-7 minutes.  I was so convinced that they were going to stay that way and I'd be on my way to the hospital by Sunday.  To further add to my assumption, I lost my mucus plug on Saturday morning.   No luck.  By late Sunday evening I accepted that the procedure hadn't worked this time and that the contractions and cramping were more from the tampering with things than labor progressing.  

Callum got a high fever on Sunday night, so I had to stay home on Monday, the 28th.  This was another slow day of no progress.  So much so that I ran in the morning, walked on the treadmill, and did tons of housework all day with Callum at home.  

After the membrane strip not working, I started to really lose hope.  It didn't help that everyday I went to work I got the comments about still not being in labor.  It became a running joke that I thought would go on and on! On top of being anxious for labor, I also got super stressed out about Callum getting a high fever and Riley breaking out in an extremely horrible rash all over her body.  After getting through these things, Jason asked if I wanted to go to El Rancho on Tuesday night to see if spicy food might get things going.  Well, any excuse to go to El Rancho is adequate for me.  We had a fantastic dinner together.  There was something special about it…probably because we knew it would be the final one without 3 kids!

We put the kids to bed on Tuesday night and went for a walk around the church all in hopes of moving things along.  That morning I had also done a walk/run interval.  In other words, super active all the way up to the final minute. 
Jason gave me a foot massage and we enjoyed some tv time before bed.  I will say that on Tuesday I noticed some additional pressure in the pelvic area.  No real cramping, but it was as if I could almost feel that there was a head just there.  I went to bed with no concern or thought that I might just be hours away from labor.  I tossed and turned as usual but also noticed some additional radiating back pain.  I brushed it off for several hours and tried to ignore it.  

Finally, at 1am I started realizing that it was keeping me awake and pretty regular.  I timed the back ache/contractions for 20 minutes in bed and saw right away that they were regular, consistent, and fairly strong though the back and front.  At that point, I knew it was different from all of the other false alarms.  After timing for 20 minutes, I told Jason I thought this might be the real thing.  He perked right up and was packing things and super excited.  I decided to take a bath just to see if they died down.  They did not.  I took that bath time as a moment collect my thoughts and try to relax before the birth.  I turned on my Coldplay push playlist and jammed out to Hymn For the Weekend among other songs.  While I relaxed in the bath, Jason scurried to get ready and prepare for the hospital.  He was so excited.  

 We called my mom at 230 and made our way to the hospital at 315a.  My bags have been packed for some time, so it was easy to just grab everything and walk out the door.  I packed everything in one small bag, including a boy and girl outfit.  
For tradition’s sake, we opted to walk to the hospital.  I also did my run to the hospital like I have for the previous two births.  Silly and stupid, but I find myself to be very methodical when it comes to things like this.  It’s the runner in me.  You always do the same routine before any big race.  Labor is absolutely a big event and being prepared in the same way with the things that help you feel like you are in control and know what you are doing go a long way. 

When we checked in at the ER, the nurse told us that they saw us walking with pillows and bags on the camera and couldn't figure out what exactly we were doing out there at 3am.  We got sent to Labor and Delivery right away.  The first cervical check showed that I was 90% effaced and just over 4cm dilated.  That was real progress from the check at my prenatal appointment one week previous!  We got settled into the room, and I got my push playlist going in an effort to relax and zone out.  I’ve listened to the same playlist for each pregnancy…another small comfort that goes a long way. 

I was really determined to move and walk and do all the things that help labor progress and ease pain.  However, I also felt like things were moving quickly and I was managing the pain okay so I basically laid in bed.  It goes against my nature, but I just had this feeling that it was more important to rest right now than to move.  From 4-7a Jason and I both got rest.  I did get another check at 5am and was at 5cm.  Things were moving nicely.  About 7am I asked Jason if he would rub my feet using the special lavendar lotion I had brought with me in an attempt to relax and distract my mind.  He set at the end of the bed and did this for several minutes.  It felt so good.  I really felt supported and loved by him.  Just as I was getting really relaxed,  the new shift of nurses came on and they suddenly rushed in to our room.  They were around the fetal heart rate monitor and immediately made me move position on to my side.  I had no idea why they were doing it and they were quite abrasive.  Within minutes they made me wear an oxygen mask and kept making me move from side to side.  Turns out Addison’s heart rate began to drop dangerously low.  It happened again about 30 minutes later and I was required to wear the oxygen mask and stay on my side for the rest of my time laboring!  That was the main reason I never used the yoga ball or got out of bed.  I was confined. It was the first scary thing of the labor.  

The amount of anxiety I had about being able to do this birth without medication was intense.  I doubted myself quite a bit after having a rough go with Riley’s labor.  Our doctor checked in with us just before 8am.  He did his first check just before 8am and found that I was a 6cm…again making real progress.  I asked him about whether or not he thought I could do it.  He thought people were crazy to do it without an epidural, but he also felt that because I’ve done it before and I had already made it as far as I did, that I would be okay again.  That was encouraging.   He visited with us in the room from 8-9. That small talk really did a lot to distract me!  I made a ton of progress in that time.  Somewhere during this time I felt like I had peed my pants.  I had Jason to look and see what it was and he was pretty sure my water bad broken, though only releasing a bit of fluid. Side note:  I was so happy that it had broken on its own!  That was the first time my water broke on its own time.  
 The heart rate crashing thing happened again and he checked me to see that I was at 8cm.  During this check he did confirm that my water had broken on its own.  Not very much came out because the head was blocking the rest from exiting.  I was glad that it broke on its own!  He also attached a tiny strip to Addison’s head to track her heart rate more accurately.  It didn’t hurt but did add to my anxiety about something going wrong.  I couldn’t believe I was at an 8cm and handling the contractions so well.  Honestly, I'm so proud of myself for making it that far and still not feeling like it was miserable.  From 8-9:29, I started getting the contractions where I really needed support.  I would grab Jason’s hand and just squeeze the heck out of it while I breathed through it.  I had to have him right by my side to get through it.  I would pull his face close and somehow get through it.  I find that as intense as contractions are, they are manageable because you can count on the crests and waves of them.  I also could tell that there was noticeable progress of Addision descending further and further down the pelvic path. 

My mom and sister, Christie, arrived just after 8am.  Unfortunately, Kimmy was not able to get out of class to be there.  I cried for her at the end.  She’s been there for each one and not having her there was tough. 

Just after 9am the doctor asked if I needed to push or had the sensation of pressure.  I had the pressure that told me it was close but didn’t have that distinct urge.  His guess was that I would need a bit longer to get there.  Just like it happened with Callum, I instinctually and instantly got the need to push.  It was as if a switched was turned on.  It wasn’t there and then suddenly I. HAD. TO. PUSH.  Jason called for the doctor to come in and I was instantly trying to hold back from pushing before he was able to check that I was actually ready to push.  Nurses followed in as well.  Everyone was telling me to just wait a second while they prepped.  No one had any gowns on or equipment ready.  They thought they had a bit more time.  I held back 4 or 5 pushes by doing short little breaths, and it was plain miserable.  I panicked and kept pleading to push.  It is so hard to not push when you feel the need.  Torturous.  It’s not painful, but it’s so hard to go against nature that is so strong at that point. 

 The doctor was just getting situated at the foot of the bed and I instantly put my left leg up in the air and rested it on his shoulder.  The right leg was still just flat on the bed.  At that moment I couldn’t hold back the push and out shot little Addison.  I would say that it wasn't even a full all out beardown kind of push.  It was more my body just pushing as it needed to.  I did get a bit of the ring of fire/stinging sensation but even that wasn't as intense as it was with Riley.  It was just too fast.  I surprised everyone in the room with that push!  The doctor caught her head as she literally zoomed out.  Jason cut the cord while she was still down below the bottom of the bed where I couldn’t see.  Because once again, I pushed so quickly that the bed wasn't even in birthing position. 

They put her right on my chest and I had that quiet moment with her.  Remember, we didn’t know she was a girl until Jason yelled out “GIRL” as she made her rapid entrance.  While she was on my chest, I couldn’t put my finger on it but I knew something was different.  It’s hard to think straight in those first moments after birth.  They are some of my favorite.  Holding this ridiculously precious baby straight from heaven that YOU grew and loved and worked so hard for.  It’s a life changing moment.  I felt like I got to hold her forever but at the same time I knew something was wrong.  

Pretty abruptly the nurse just took her away without Jason being able to hold her or me enjoy more time meeting her.  As more and more nurses crowded around her little crib warmer and I saw the look on Jason’s face, it clicked.  There was something wrong.  She hadn’t cried at all.  She was blue as anything.  While I held her, she was still and silent and very blue but I just couldn't verbalize it in that moment.  She hadn’t breathed since being born.  At first the doctor stayed with me to get the bleeding and placenta under control.  As my doctor was delivering the placenta, the need for Addison to breathe increased.  They called the doctor over and called for more respiratory specialists to come and help.  I couldn't see what was going on because my view was obstructed by all the people crowded around her.  

What I do know is that they were breathing for her. Literally pumping air into her body...not resuscitating her but using the oxygen bag to breathe for her lungs.  They remained incredibly calm which was probably good for me.  I was panicking in my head as I heard them say the word respiratory specialist.    This carried on for a good thirty minutes while I laid there with my legs still out and bleeding from delivery.  The bloody mess all over the floor and room stayed that way as well.  All attention was on Addison.  It seems like Ilaid in bed for a good 45 minutes with my legs out, gown up, and still bleeding.  Usually you get the baby right back and they change out the bedding pretty quickly.  Not so for this one.  The doctor came back to check me for tearing only after she finally gave a tiny tiny cry from the crib warmer.  In addition to helping her breathe, she had  to sit in an oxygen box for quite some time.  

Turns out I did have a second degree tear on the left side of the perineum.  I was much more aware of the stitching this time because we waited so long to get it stitched due to Addison's difficulties.  They even spilled the bag of all the fluid and blood  on the floor in the rush to help Addison.  The floor was covered in crime scene worthy.  We later found out that I also had a partial placental abruption that contributed to extra blood loss.  I noticed there were a few small chunks of placenta that came out apart from the big piece.  That can be an issue for both me and Addison.   

Somewhere around 1030ish Jason finally got to hold her for the first time.  I felt bad that he had to wait so long!  I fed her for the first time and she was more than ready!  That girl latched on like it was nothing new to her!  Such a good eater. 

She was really unsettled from the time her breathing was stabilized for the rest of the day.  At about 2:00 all of the Henlings came to visit and Callum and Riley met her for the first time.  The room was chaotic.  Callum and Riley were extremely awakward.  They didn't want to interact with me or Addison....especially Riley.  We couldn't get her to sit anywhere near me with the baby.  

Somewhere in the chaos the nurse came to check her vitals and left abruptly.  Before I knew it they whisked her away to the special bed again and hooked her up to some monitors for heart rate/pulse/oxygen monitoring.  The doctor requested that she get a chest xray immediately and that she lay in the oxygen box again until we knew what was going on with her.  Her heart rate kept dropping very low...70's-90's when it should be in the 120 range or above.  She had to say in the box thing for several hours while we waited to hear about the xray results.  In addition to this, the nurses monitored her every 10 minutes.  It was starting to get scary because of all the things happening...low heart rate before delivery, not breathing after birth, and then the dipping heart rate again.  I was worried.  At some point the xray came back clear and we were told that she basically had a rough and rapid entrance into the world which contributed to fluid and blood in her lungs.  Usually that's squeezed out during the pushing phase, but when you shoot out like a rocket there's no time to squeeze fluid out!  In the end we were told that she had TTN Transient Tachypnea of the Newborn.  It's basically a struggle to breathe for the newborn as a result of a rapid delivery.  To my knowledge, there are no lasting effects.  I pray that is the case.  Other than Addison's breathing/heart rate difficulties, this delivery was fantastic!  I conquered that pain like a champion. 

I trust that we are out of the woods with scares and am just soaking up this little tiny human on her second day of life.  I feel a little cheated that I didn't get more time to hold her and cuddle her in the first hours of birth.  However, I also am quietly aware that had she been born outside of a hospital or in another time, she wouldn't have survived!  I'm thankful for modern medicine and the small miracles it provides us with. 

Overall, I knew I was in labor at 1am.  Checked at the hospital 320am and was a 4cm.  Delivered at 9:29 am.  That's much faster than the other two!  I'm so grateful I was able to go natural again.  I honestly can say it was easier than the others (not hard with Riley's terribly long and painful birth).  I kept thinking it would get worse and it just didn't.  The resisting to push was the true test of strength.  The contractions were hard, but I already knew I could get through those.  

Addison didn't get her first bath until the middle of the night after she had been stable for hours and hours.  Before that, she still had blood and stuff on her.  I was happy to see her spiky blonde hair and cute little button eyes after her bath. I loved having that quiet time with her in the middle of the night.  I was apprehensive about her breathing but she did fine in the night.   She's much chubbier than Riley was and has the cheeks that Callum had.  She weighed the same as Callum at birth as well.  
Last night was her first night at home.  She had a stretch of 4 hours!  None of the other kids have done that before!  She doesn't cry very loud at all.  I am loving learning about all of her attributes.  

Friday, August 25, 2017

the thirty eighth week

The suspense is killing me.  I know I should be happy to just let nature take its course, but I'm really anxious.  

I ran this morning and I'm so very grateful that I've been able to get this far in my workouts.  Truthfully, I hope it is moving things along.  Today I have an appointment that will hopefully reveal if I'm dilated or close even a little bit.  

I'm so excited to have a newborn in my arms.  

Sunday, August 13, 2017

the first day of preschool

Callum started preschool this year at BB.  To say he loves it, doesn't even cut it.  I'm thrilled that it's something he looks forward to each week.  He's turning into such a big boy.  It makes me sad and happy all at the same time. 

Riley is turning into a big girl right before my eyes.  She has a decent collection of words but mostly babbles all day long.  She loves books more than I ever thought possible.  I read the same book over and over because she just loves to listen.  She also is caught reading books on her own all the time.  She just turned 17 months. 

the thirty sixth week

Well, it's the end of my third pregnancy journey.  I think this one feels like it's lasted longer than any other because I have been pregnant during two school years.  Having said that, it's been a really smooth pregnancy.  I think that really has to do with me knowing what I can and can't do.  I also avoided preeclampsia!  I'm still so boggled that I got that with Riley but not Callum.  It totally changed the end course of my pregnancy. 

The beginning of this pregnancy was the hard part.  I was still nursing Riley and just so drained physically.  I feel like I had maxed out after successfully keeping Riley fed and Popcorn growing inside.  It took everything out of me.  It took a very long time for me to show...longer than I would have expected considering I delivered Riley 9 months prior to getting pregnant.  It also took me longer to feel this baby move than any other baby.  

Once I hit the second trimester things were just too easy.  Riley was done nursing and my energy levels sky rocketed.  I was still running very decent times and distances.  I felt great.  In May I got a UTI that never cleared up.  It ended up advancing to a kidney infection.  That was a bit alarming.  Since my 32nd week appointment, there was concern with my fundal height measurement being 2cm behind.  I still am 2cm behind but an ultrasound confirmed that all is well with the baby.  I keep wondering if that means I'll have a small baby?  

I've gained 33 pounds thus far and am at 174 right now.  I'm totally fine with this.  It's the way it works.  I now trust my body to do its thing.  I know if I'm smart during the postpartum recovery, I'll bounce back to my regular self.  

I have a bit of anxiety about labor this time.  Riley's birth was difficult because it was facilitated.  I still avoided an epidural, but I got pretty freaked out in the end stages and minutes of labor.  That all makes me get a little nervous about going through it again.  My hope is that labor is induced by nature and that I get to follow my body's lead through the process.  It's how it worked with Callum and I got through that with flying colors.  What I've learned is that managing contractions from 0-8 dilation isn't so bad.  I know how to get through them.  They stop you in your tracks and it is a real test, but I know what to do.  The part where I get freaked out is transition.  The good part about reaching it is that it's a no turning back point.  As scary as it is, you have to just get through it.  I never felt the ring of fire with Callum but did with Riley.  That was about the last unbearable thing.  I've come to learn that pushing brings relief and progress.  The only struggle with pushing is that I seem to always have a hard time with how I should position my legs.  The medical people seem to always being forcing my legs a certain way that I don't necessarily love.  Again, I know this going on...hopefully I can get it right.  

I think Callum and Riley are pretty aware of the fact that a baby is coming.  Callum had no clue with Riley and this time he has been interested.  He kisses my belly, asks if I'm doing okay, and feels the kicks.  Riley got kicked out of the nursery and has been happy as ever in her new big girl room.  While she may not grasp quite as much, she does say baby when she sees my gigantic belly.  She also has shown no interest in getting back in the crib.  Makes that transition so much easier!

The neat thing and hard thing about this pregnancy has been not knowing if it's a boy or girl.  I know I've missed out on some of the prep work for getting ready for baby like buying cute things or committing to a name.  However, I am so looking forward to that moment Jason calls out the gender after the throes of labor.  It's my little instant reward.  

We are ready for this baby.  Nursery is ready.  Hospital bags are packed.  I made a load of healthy muffins to have on demand.  Breastfeeding supplies are sorted and organized.  The only things left are to get my traditional pedicure so I have cute feet in the hospital and installing/cleaning carseat stroller.  

36 weeks 1 mile time trial 9:29 pace

2 mile run 36 weeks 

3 mile run 35 weeks

Saturday, July 29, 2017

the thirty fourth week

Not long now.  The suspense of Popcorn's gender is getting intense!!!
I'm dying to find out. 

All in all, pregnancy is going well.  There was some concern about my fundal height being small that result in receiving an additional ultrasound.  The ultrasound confirmed that all is good in Popcorn's world and that he/she is measuring normal.  So basically I'm just small this time.  Weird, right?  I thought for sure that a third kid after you just had one 9 months ago would only result in me being even bigger.  

I've gained 23 pounds so far.  I'm at the stage where I just default to wearing Jason's clothes to lounge around the house.  My tshirts don't cut it anymore.  

I know I experienced it with every baby, but I have to say that Popcorn is ridiculous about movements.  He/she moves while I stand, sit, lay on my side, lay on my back, and any other position.  It's not flutterings at this stage.  It's full on punches and kicks that almost take my breath away.  

I'm still running.  I've stuck to distances between 2 and 3 miles and it has been good.  This week I actually ran 3 miles at a 9:20 pace!!!!  I know normal people that can't run that fast.  For 8 plus months, it's a great pace to be proud of.  

Monday, July 10, 2017

the thirty first week

It's safe to say the transition into nesting/get everything ready under the sun has begun.  It's as if a light switch was turned on in my brain.  For so long, pretty much all pregnancy, I haven't felt any urgency to get anything ready.  Third kid I guess.  Then, all at once I suddenly feel that there's no time and all things should be ready now.  For instance, I packed my hospital bag!  We have also begun the crazy process of rearranging rooms to accommodate little Popcorn.  I think a lot of this has stemmed from the fact that I start work this week and know that a great deal of my time and energy will be spent at school and not folding baby clothes.  

Speaking of baby clothes, I sorted all girl and boy clothes and made an even smaller box of gender neutral clothes.  From the gender neutral pile, I picked a white kimono and onesie to take to the hospital.  I did buy a precious red and white stripe swaddler set because every new baby deserves something that is his/hers.  

We had a great vacation.  I really slowed down my running while in Alabama.  I had a scare of strong and consistent contractions after a 5 mile run.  After that happened I stuck to nothing over 2 miles easy.  

Now that I'm back home, I'm running up to 3 miles still in the 9 min mile area.  Of note, on 4th of July I did a mile time trial and ran a 7:59 mile!!!  Not bad for 31 weeks pregnant.  

Saturday, June 10, 2017

the twenty seventh week and last 6 weeks

Things are getting real with this pregnancy.  The belly has popped, the running belt is out, heartburn is starting to settle in, and the kicks are getting stronger. 

Of note in this last 3 weeks is my struggle with infection.  In late May I got a UTI and took the full course of antibiotics.  During the first week in June, I started to feel some of the returning symptoms AND an unrelenting pain in my right side.  Initially, I thought it might be a sore muscle from a yoga workout I did but after two horrid sleepless nights, I started to get very worried.  I had chills, extreme nausea, and bouts of being feverish.  I knew it was getting scary.  I finally decided to go to an urgent care and was diagnosed with a kidney infection.  At that point I probably should have gone to the ER but opted to get the shot of antibiotics and regimen of pills.  Got home that night and slept somewhat but woke up still feeling nauseous, still feeling the side pain, and at the suggestion of the urgent care doctor, decided to go to the ER in Winslow on Sunday morning to just make sure I was doing okay.  I was taken to OB where I took a pee sample and blood work to just see what was going on.  Those results were actually better than what they were at urgent care.  Because of this, there wasn't really anything for OB to do with me other than monitor and encourage me to come back if I didn't get better.  6 days later and I'm doing better.  I'm spooked after getting such a serious infection and really hoping it never comes back this pregnancy.  

My running is still going well.  Like I did with Riley, instead of fighting against being pregnant and running in pain, I have adjusted my goals and paces so that I can still maintain some legitimacy in my mileage.  I did 4 miles yesterday at 27 weeks and ran 5 miles just a week ago.  I've been doing tons of interval workouts on the treadmills.  Today was a particularly good workout with 6x800 repeats at an 8 or above on the treadmill.  Dare I say I didn't feel pregnant for this workout.  

I'm not meticulously keeping track of my weight gain, but I'd say I've gained just over 20 pounds at this point.  Sounds pretty normal to me.  

We have managed to still not find out the gender.  It has made it extra exciting.  I have a fav girl and boy name and so does Jason.  If I had to make a bet about what it is, I'd say boy.  Who knows though.  

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

the Easter fun

I really enjoyed taking part in Easter fun with the kids this year.  Callum picked up on finding eggs and enjoyed doing it several times throughout the week.  We even ventured to do the city egg hunt, which he loved. I would even go as far as to say that Riley figured out pretty quickly that eggs were meant to be put in a basket.  

The best part of all is always going to church with special new Easter church clothes.  My kids were looking snazzy.  Another special highlight was that Callum got to sing with the primary children during Sacrament meeting.  He was in the dead center front folding his arms for the first 45 seconds.  Suddenly, in the middle of the song, he decided to start jumping in place.  The one lone kid jumping in place during a very reverent rendition of Gethsemane.  I was dying laughing inside but also dying of fear about anything else he might do up there.  We made it through.  

Another funny thing was that he got to have the birthday song sung to him in primary since it's right around the corner.  When they called him to the front, he sped right to the microphone and immediately started saying a prayer.  It was funny and precious that he knew that's what the microphone is for.  He was so confused when he wasn't supposed to be at the microphone and only standing at the front while they sang to me.  He is just so eager about life.