Thursday, September 10, 2009

I will never forget

In this case pictures really are worth a thosand words. There's nothing that I can say about 9/11 that isn't felt and understood by everyone else who was affected by it in someway.  For me, I learned to have a greater respect and honor for my country. I became grateful for the men who died to make America what it is, whether long ago or today.  Something about that day made Americans stand up and say how proud they were to be American.  I also came to develop a greater understanding of faith and hope.  Though our trials can sometimes seem impossible to overcome, Heavenly Father hears our prayers. Sometimes we don't understand why something so horrible could even be allowed to happen. All I can say to that is, 1-if we didn't know hard times how would we ever know what true joy and happiness was? and 2-Our Savior knows how we feel, for He suffered for all of us.  In time of trial and sorrow we can turn to Him.  
I will never ever forget that day.  My heart, prayers, and love is with each and every person affected by 9/11. 

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