Monday, January 28, 2008

Camping at Muriwai Beach

Without question, this has been my favorite adventure thus far! We went camping at Muriwai beach from Friday to Monday. Camping at the beach was definitley a "do before you die" on my list. I learned how to play rugby which is tricky becuase you can't run forward with the ball. We watched the sunset everynight over the water. Words can't even describe how beautiful it was. I never made it up to watch the sunrise...probably because we stayed up late playing card games. On Sunday we had Sacrament meeting and Sunday school right on the campsite. I can't say that I've ever gotten dressed up in Sunday best for church while camping. It was an experience I will never forget. I tried Samoan hot coco which is intense because it comes straight from the coco bean! On Sunday night a large group of us went down to the beach and sang songs while Brian played the guitar. I also got to see the stars of the southern hemisphere! It was really neat to see a whole set of new stars. I only have 3 days of class left and then we depart for travel to the South Island and the northern most parts of the North Island!


amberdawn said...

That picture of you girls on the beach is stunning! I just love it! Tell Britt and Mal I said hi and I love them!! I love you too Miss. Bratt!

Brad said...

Check out my blog, you might appreciate this last post.

LuAnne said...

Hey Larissa! It's the Hancocks! We hope you are having a blast in New Zealand! It looks so fun! We are going there in a few years so you'll have to let us know about all the fun things to do! Enjoy your trip!