Saturday, January 19, 2008

Carol, We Love You

Kia Ora!

The past two weeks have been mighty eventful! On Wednesday we took a break from school and drove up the East Coast to Goat Island. Goat Island is a small island right off the coast and it is an ideal place for snorkeling! Several miles up the road we found a nice little beach that was perfect for catching up on the tan. All of us BYU kids came so white from winter so we have to catch up with the dark tans of New Zealand.

The picture to the left is Brittany, Mallory, and I with our host mom. It is hard to describe how much we love Carol. This particluar picture was from a walk on the beach we took after dinner on Monday. Carol is also teaching the literacy portion of our course this week.

This week I ended up seeking emergency dental treatment becuase of tooth pain. I should've known that would happen to me! I'm on antibiotics so hopefully I won't have to see a specialist.


Kimberlee said...

That's odd. Good teeth run in our family...

Tim & Stephanie said...

Hey Larissa! Looks like so much fun, what a cool experience!

kalli said...

Johnny says...kissing mysterous island boys may cause jungle rot of your teeth.
I symnpathize with you...Kalli and I have the same problems.
I need some literacy tips!! I need to know more. Do you have assignments?
Send them to me.
Have fun and don't forget to floss.

amberdawn said...

Larissa... remember when we were sitting in class talking about insurance and stuff that you wouldn't think you would need to worry about... well I am glad you listened... at least I hope you listened!! I hope you are doing better. We miss you guys but it looks like you are having a wonderful time!

5th Ward said...

hey, i think i took a dance aerobics class with the blonde in the picture... did she do a term at byu-hawaii?