Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Kia Ora

2 days of school down! The days have been so eventful that it seems like I've been here much longer. Yesterday Mallory, Brittany, and I went to Murawai beach. It was a blacksand beach with a gannat colony. This was the kind of beach that you see in movies. Blacksand beach with cliffs filled with green going right out into the ocean. Today we hiked Waitekere Ranges; basically a hilly bush country right outisde of Auckland. The trail led us to a fantastic waterfall hidden with more green trees and plants then I've ever seen-ever. I would like to describe our walk home from school as jurassic park. Think of ultimatley any scene from that movie and you can relate to our beautiful walk. Fruit is soooooo much better here. There are fruit stands everywhere!
New Zealand is proving to be much different from many social norms in America. I am really enjoying learning the differences and particpating in them. I really feel at home in this country due in part to the nature of the people. For example, as we were hiking at Waitkere Ranges a stranger offered us advice and assistance in climbing up the rocks. I guarantee that would have never happened in America.


Kimberlee said...

What happened to the palm trees on your background?

"Don't put it out with your boots, Talan!"

Just think of Talan putting his jacket on while you are walking along black sand beaches...

amberdawn said...

You are doing very good posting... but you need to put up some pictures! It all sounds amazing though!

kalli said...

I just want to say hi. Everything sounds great there! So tell me what is the worst part??? Besides missing me terribly.

They tested Kalli for GATE today. They were amazed with her and are starting her on Monday.

They tested me on Guitar Hero today, and I will be starting as lead guitarist for IRON MAIDEN on Monday.

Tell me about school...I need good ideas for my classroom. What do they do with bad kids? I have run out of options for Jacob Olson.

Why does my name show up as Kalli?