Thursday, January 24, 2008

Pavlova and Hokey Pokey

What a great week it has been! Natalie (Carol's daughter), helped us make bags! We sewed them from start to finish as part a young women's project she is working on. I used 1970's fabric from Carol's drawer with colorful tropical flowers. I am very proud of the final project!

We have finished our Social Studies and Literacy courses this week! The most eventful part of class this week was when a pack of ducks randomly walked in. It was hilarious.

The most eventful part of life at Carol's this week was making Mexican food! We went to Pak N Save to buy as much Mexican ingredients that we could find. Turns out there is one little section with the basic Mexican ingredients. I made tortilla pie for our host family and they LOVED it! Watching them try refried beans for the first time was a real treat. When I opened the can of beans they had to leave the kitchen because they were so grossed out. Carol and Natalie were both willing to try a spoonful and didn't care for them at all. Now they can say they've tried it!

I tried Pavlova with Hokey Pokey ice cream today! Wow. Pavlova is a New Zealand dessert that can't truly be compared to anything else. Angel food cake is as close as it gets to comparing.


amberdawn said...

I love the slideshow of all the pictures as well as the ducks. That is so amazing. Congrats with finishing class... don't even worry cause we still have three months left. SICK... however, they are going to let me walk in April... cool huh? That's in three months from today! I still have to finish through the summer though. I am happy to hear that Mexican food is spreading to NZ. That is amazing. Spread the love. I love you.

kalli said...

The ducks are soooo cute. Babe would love that! mew mew