Monday, January 7, 2008

Welcome Home

Hello from beautiful, amazing, out of this world Auckland, New Zealand.
First off how nice are the people of Auckland? As I walked through customs to meet my host family for the very first time I held out my hand for them to shake it. My host mom ignored my hand and grabbed my head to kiss it. It was so nice to be treated like that even though we were strangers! Very, very quickly I have learned that I am part of their family. Mallory, Brittany, and I feel right at home here in Auckland mostly because of the hospitality of our family. Some of my immediate impressions of this place..... leaving your shoes at the door is a sign of respect, it's a rubbish bin not a trash can, don't say fanny pack-ever!, driving on the opposite side!, the list continues to grow!


Kimberlee said...

Hey Fartbag! It's about time you let us know you got there. We were wondering what happened to you...

Well you missed a crappy national championship game. Ohio State started off great but ended up getting their butts kicked. Oh well, have fun in New Zealand. It is freezing here (as usual).

amberdawn said...

I am in Myra's class right now and I just read your blog to our cohort! Everyone is so jealous that you are there and Myra wanted me to tell you to keep posting so we can hear what you are up to! And she also wanted me to tell you that without you here, she is worried about Paul! ha ha!! I love you and I am so glad you made it safely to New Zealand!! Keep posting frequently!!

kalli said...

I used to resent your repeitive and constant phone I don't know what to do with my life since I cannot talk to you.
Glad to hear that you are getting lots of love in your far away place. We are just waiting to hear of your first date.
Kalli misses you. She was funny during the OSU vs. LSU game. She said she has blood from both sides. She said she was torn between 2 loves. Yo Yo Yo.

Also...I don't know if you ever realized it, but you should never, ever say "fanny pack" in the states either.

Take Care.
Accomplish your goals
(in your IEP.)


OSU stinks!