Tuesday, February 26, 2008


Oh Colwill School. Each day proves to host new challenges which can be anything from the kids trying to understand my accent, teaching swimming, and teaching by New Zealand standards. Sometimes it can get pretty frustrating but then I realize where I am. Today I got to watch the primary grades in the kapahaka. Seeing 6 year old boys perform the haka with so much pride and respect for their culture was a real treat. The Maori song and dance is so powerful even if I can't understand all of the words.
Tomorrow I teach my first lesson...wish me luck!


amberdawn said...

Oh man that picture just warms my heart. Words cannot descirbe how much I love and miss you right at this very moment! I hope you are loving life and those children. We start practicum next week. I'm gonna send you an email!

Brad said...

Larzabell, you rock! Seriously, I'm way jealous of you. Enjoy the country, cause when it's over, it's over. Make friends, learn from the people and live life to the fullest. Ok, off the soap-box, its frickin cold up here! Be glad you're in a place where it's summer. Take care!