Saturday, February 2, 2008

God Be With You Til We Meet Again

I have so many feelings to express today after having testimony meeting and the blessed oppurtunity to attend President Hinckley's funeral even though I'm so far away. It was bittersweet to watch the funeral. More than ever, I felt homesick, wishing I was there in Provo in the midst of the prophets and apostles. On the other hand I was feeling so blessed to be in a new place and reaffirm my testimony of the gospel in my life. When I think of how President Hinckley has changed my life and shaped my testimony I think of his effort to make temples more available to church members across the globe. I was lucky enough to see him in person at the dedication of the Snowflake temple. It was monumemntal for me because I was in high school and my testimony was being shaped into what it is currently. Seeing a prophet in person is enough to know of the truthfulness. It was then that I committed to marrying in the temple and be temple worthy everyday of my life. I thank President Hinckley in helping me make that decision. The most powerful part of the funeral for me was the slide show during the closing song. I was overcome with feelings of gratitude for being served by such a stalwart man. Most importantly, I was rejoicing because I know exactly where he is now. I'm grateful for the Plan of Salvation. I am comforted to know that death is but an entry way into something even more amazing. When the prophet's casket was wheeled through the conference center I was happy we all stood. I felt proud to stand for him and I felt chills all over my body when the casket wheeled through the line of apostles and general authorites. I just kept thinking to myself how blessed I am to be a member of the church. I'm so thankful for the quiet confirmation of the spirit in this time of sadness.


amberdawn said...

That was beautiful! What a great tribute! I went to the viewing on Friday and despite the fact that it took us just under four hours to get through all the lines, it was a remarkable experience that I will never forget. He looked very peaceful. I love him too!

Spencer and Marlee said...

LARNO!!! How are you? You look great! I have been thinking a lot about you and just really love you tons!!! Keep us posted on how life is treating you!