Monday, February 11, 2008

South Island: Queenstown, Dunedin, Christchurch

My life seems to be getting cooler by the day!!! I spent a week on the South Island and got to do everything from bungy jumping to seeing glaciers, waterfalls, and beautiful green country. Words really don't do it justice....

I went bungy jumping in Queenstown and it was by far the coolest thing I've ever done in my life. (I'm hoping the get the video footage uploaded soon). As you can see from the picture, I bungy jumped into a canyon with the same river that is used so frequently in Lord of the Rings. You can see to the bottom since it is so clear and blue. In addition to bungy jumping, I rode in a jet boat through the canyon, and saw Milford Sound (fiordland/glacers).

We also traveled to Dunedin which is home of the Cadbury chocolate factory. Actually, it turned out to be a bust. It was cool to see the chocolate but it wasn't worth the day long detour to see. Our journey ended in Christchurch. Christchurch has a really old chapel in the city square-hence the name. It's a great place to visit markets and hang out at the cafes. The best part about Christchurch was the street perfromers! I got called out of the audience to be part of the show and I was loving the spotlight! This guy, Christevius, juggled firesticks on a pole, swallowed firesticks, and juggled a chainsaw.
Life is good what more can I say??


amberdawn said...

Seriously, you are so rad... my hero! I can't believe you strapped yourself to a cord and jumped off a bridge! That is too amazing for words.

Pobst Family said...

I can not even believe you did that. You sure look so happy though! I am excited for you!

Marianne said...

Through blog surfing I stumbled onto your blog! Larissa you are so grown up (I know--it's probably not what you want to hear). I just have memories of you being much younger.

It looks like you are having a marvelous time--what fun experiences you are having!

Ok--one other random thing---I saw "pobst family" and found it amazing! My husband's best friend is Matt, Christi's husband! Small world huh!

Marianne (Hardy)