Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Rotorua and Hamilton

I just got back from a week long trip to Rotorua and Hamilton! On Monday we went to the Hamilton temple. As we walked up to the temple grounds I remembered a picutre of my brother and his mission president standing in the very same spot that I was. It is neat to think that both myself and my brother were in the same place so far away from home!

Rotorua proved to be fun and exciting everyday we were there. We saw several Maori song and dance shows and had not one, but two hangis! Again, the best part was the kumara. The most exciting part of the trip was white water rafting! If you have never done it before, by all means, try it! We rafted down a waterfall with a 21 foot drop! Rotorua has thermal activity all around it and it has a nice sulfur smell that just tops it off. rotten eggs....mmmmm. The geysers and hot springs are really neat to experience. We all took a hot swim and smothered our bodies in the clay. Apparently, the clay is really good for your skin. We also visited Waitomo Gloworm caves. The caves are filled with worms that literally glow in the dark. They look like tiny starts dotting the cave ceiling. On the way home we stopped at Pukeno for the favorite Tip Top ice cream stop of those traveling between Hamilton and Auckland. I got a 3 scoop ice cream cone with Hokey Pokey, Rocky Road, and my personal favorite...Cookies n Cream! My life is great what can I say

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