Saturday, March 15, 2008

Umu, Go Auckland Blues!, Spookers, Smores, and More

Another good week in Auckland! We had a really great family home evening with our friends from the ward on Monday. Eddie brought couches and we sat out overlooking the water at Herald Island. I've been really lucky to have met such great people here in New Zealand. I will miss so much about this place but above all, I will miss the hospitality, kindness, respect, and Christlike service from all of our friends.

We found a really great view of the city on the edge of this random cliff on Thursday night. We brought all the ingredients for smores and had a jolly good time in the middle of nowhere. You can't buy graham crackers in New Zealand but Amanda just received a box in the mail. It was really fun to let our Daniel and Jason try proper smores for the first time.

Saturday proved to be eventful with an Umu, Auckland Blues game, and Spookers. The Umu is a Samoan feast that is meant for special occasions. For us it served as a giant thank you to our host families for letting us be part of their family and home. We cooked the food using hot rocks and it was amazing in every way. Again, my favorite was chop suey. I just can't get enough of it. I also liked the taro and kumara. I hope they have it in the states when I go back!

After the Umu we went to an Auckland Blues game. Okay, first off, America is missing out on rugby. Rugby is intense. No pads or helmets but just as intense as football! I love it. The night finished with a scare at Spookers. In south Auckland there is an old insane asylum that has been turned into a haunted house. Halloween isn't very big here so you can get away with going to a haunted house in March. Jason had been before so he knew what to expect but I was scared pretty much the whole time.

The picture below this paragraph is really special. Meet Bill, him and his wife are the directors of our program here. He's such an awesome person. I feel like I gained another grandpa. In the picture he's handing me an enevelope of money. His job is to oversee all money and finances for the program. He's so organzied and always ensures we have exactly what we need. I love this guy.


Spencer and Marlee said...

Okay What FUN!! You look so good! Larno, I miss you tons! I hope that life continues to treat you great! Seriously what an experience!

Brad said...

Ok, so I am officially jealous. I think that New Zealand should be a new area for me to go study at... What do you think?

Pobst Family said...

Larno! My whole family says hi, starting with my Dad. Also, my Mom is determined to get you with Scott! Love ya!

The Chastain's said...

Larissa Brat! OMGOODNESS! So I was browsing around Blogger and look who I came across! How are you? Heck you look great! New Zealand how neat! Well I just thought I'd drop and say hi! It is so good to see you on here! You have my link so stop and say hi once in a while! So glad to see you!
Candis Chastain (Rogers)


oh Larno! Oh how i miss you so much! If you don't know this is Sammy! Your bestest friend ever sorry marlee and christi! JK man New Zealand looks like a blast! Thats crazy! Well, It sounds like everything is going great! I love ya!