Monday, April 7, 2008

5 days left in Aotearoa

My last five days in Auckland have turned out to be the best. There are still two days to go but I venture to say that those will be just as eventful as the past ones have been. On Monday I said goodbye to every other BYU girl except Amanda. It was an emotional farewell because we had all grown so close. I have made 12 amazing friends through exploring, living, and playing in one of the most beautiful places on this earth, Aotearoa. I appreciate the example they all set for me. I have never felt so supported by a group of friends quite like this. At the airport the boys did the Haka right before the security checkpoint. After being immersed in the culture of New Zealand I realize the great significance and meaning of the Haka. That event will be remembered for years to come. I've been back to Te Atatu park for breakfast. Of course Jason and I ate Weetbix. I have come to love Weetbix for breakfast every morning! Jason took me to MOTAT, basically a science center with alot of hands on exhibits. Tonight was especially great with smores, dinner, and a spectacular sunset over Whenapai beach on the west side. I just can't get enough of the beaches in New Zealand.

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Anonymous said...

When are you getting married to this dude? I want to know!! Oh by the way say hey to your Pops for me! Kam and I want you to come visit us in the valley... who knows maybe we can all go on an ackward double date!