Friday, April 25, 2008

another reason to love the Slow

One of my favorite things about coming home for the summer is working the Winslow Invitational. It's perfect for me. Not only do I get to see high school friends, teachers, and coaches but I get to help out with something I love-running! Watching all the kids run makes me so grateful for participating in sports in high school. Seriously, it changed my life! I love running and always will because of the way I was pushed in high school by my teammates and coaches. This year was especially fantastic because Joseph and I had a jolly good time trying to take "serious" pictures during the long races. As the photos show, the only result we got was looking silly while wearing our "official" shirts. Also, another reason I love the Winslow Invitational is it reminds how much I love being from a small town. Here's the thing.... It is easy to bag on small town life but when you leave it you realize how it shaped you into who you are today! It seems like people who never leave are always looking for something better and when you do leave you realize it was never so bad. I love everything about where I grew up. I'm proud to be from the Slow.

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Omniglot said...

I agree in more ways than one. The Slow is the place to be from. I love it too, but probably won't ever live there (sorry no big Universities to teach at there).