Thursday, April 3, 2008

Last Day at Colwill

My year 7 and 8's gave me the best goodbye a teacher could ever receive! All week they've been secretly working on a project but I was not allowed to see it. On my last day I presented them with a class book and handed out chocolate fish to each student. I wanted to show them how much I appreciated them letting me be a part of their classroom. Each of my students wrote me a poem and they presented me with several class gifts. 1. an All Blacks key chain 2. Samoan traditional lolly leis 3. shell necklace 4. fish n chips!

I feel so blessed to have this oppurtunity to teach in New Zealand. I know that I'm more prepared for the ins and outs of teaching that will most definiltey come in the near future. The best part about teaching in Auckland was the rich diversity! My students came from countries dotting all over the world; namely South Africa, Samoa, Tonga, Afghanistan, Tuvalu, Australia, Thailand, China, and India. There's something special about being part of someone else's culture.

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