Thursday, April 3, 2008

The List....

Over our last week in New Zealand we've comprised a list of everything we love that is different and unique about this beautiful place. Gizalook (translation into american....Give it a look)

1. Hot Cross Buns: people LOVE them, and they really do have a cross on the top, you will see tham at any public function ever

2. Milo: morning tea is never complete without Milo. It's not quite hot chocolate and there's no comparison to anything else. I reccommend drinking it with half milk/water/sugar

3. Holdens: an Australian car with GM parts.

4. Juice and Fizzy: you NEVER drink juice without mixing it with fizzy.

5. Tim Tams/Cadbury Chocolate: to die for chocolate

6. you never close the mircrowave door here

7. meat pies, bakeries, and takeaways-I'll never understand the concept

8. Rubbish bags: you can only use government issued rubbish bags and they cost 1.65 per bag!

9. Cops don't carry guns here!

10. Denny's is a gourmet restaraunt here. The weird thing is that it actually tastes good too!

11. When the temperature drops to about 70 people will wear winter jackets!

12. you never have to wear shoes in public. the mall, school, eating out-no worries don't even bring your jandals!


Pobst Family said...

You got TAGGED!!!

newzealand'08 said...

Oh my gosh, I LOVE the list! So we got to our place in Australia, and guess what was cooking in the oven for dinner the first night... MEAT PIES! Man we just can't escape them!

Mal said...

Larissa Kay Bratt, can I just tell you how I miss your musk? So we're in Australia and I don't know what to do/think/feel without you by my side all day long. I hope you are well and pleeease give Carol and Natalie a HUGE hug for me!!!!! Thank you forever for your card. I actually laughed out loud a Larissa laugh on the plane. I really do love you and a 3-liter bottle of water and some celery will be waiting at the airport for you :)