Friday, April 25, 2008

Talan and Trains

I've spent alot of quality time with my nephew Talan since I've been home. By far, the best was taking him to the overpass to watch the Santa Fe trains go underneath. He LOVED every second of watching the trains slowly pass underneath. I loved it because of the awesome view and seeing Talan so excited about trains pretty much made my day! We also went to La Posada and sat on the wall to watch the trains go by. Talan, you rock my world.


Spencer and Marlee said...

You look so good! I bet its a big difference to be home again! I love you and hope to see you sometime soon!

Harrington said...

guess what guess what!!! P.S. Talan is so big I thought he was still little!!!

amberdawn said...

You look so pretty! I miss you!