Sunday, June 8, 2008

Meteor Crater, Arizona

Pretty much my entire summer is filled with giving tours at the crater. I give tours along the rim of the crater. 10 hour days can be long but meeting people from all over the world makes up for that. Everyday I meet a new person with a new random story about where they've been or where they are headed. For example, this week a 19 year old guy took my tour with a gopher snake around his neck. He's been biking across country for over 6 months. I have heard some really random stories out there....
By the way, last week I was the winner of an amazing contest. I named the new Mexican restaurant out at the crater. The name is... The "Hole Enchilada".
The summer is going great. It's going far to fast though. Before you know it I'll be student teaching in American Fork! Yahoo for that

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amberdawn said...

I love that title of the new restaurant. It couldn't be more funny and more perfect. I am so glad that you are loving giving tours. That would be an awesome job for a great summer tan! I am not getting my summer tan, due to being in the first and fourth grade all summer so far. But i'll be done in about 6 weeks and I can't wait. Remember how we used to be in Barb's class together? Those were the good 'ole days! Where are you student teaching at in American Fork?