Thursday, July 3, 2008

Happy 232nd Birthday America!!

I will venture to make a bold statement by saying I love 4th of July as much as I love Christmas!!! Reasons why I love the 4th....

1. It's in the middle of summer which happens to be the best time of year anyways

2. Fireworks! are you kidding me? what more do I need to say

3. 4th is complete without the full works of fruit, hamburgers, lemonade

4. I Love, love, love being American. Hearing the Star Spangled Banner play as fireworks light the sky is something that gives me the chills!

5. Red, White, and Blue is an awesome color combination and the holiday gives us an excuse to wear them together!

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Omniglot said...

I do have to agree with that. We had a sweet party with all the gringos, and friends, from here in Shell. It wasn't huge, but a good 100 showed up. I love our country!