Thursday, August 7, 2008

Nothing Like Summer in the Slow

See Above photo for two reasons why I've had a fantastic summer…What a blessing it has been to spend an abundance of time with Tatum and Talan. Talan is loving the responsibilities of being a big brother. While Tatum is loving life as the little sister. I'm sad that the next time I see them both will have grown up more so than they already have this summer.

Other reasons summer rocks…

1.City softball league-We're playing in the end of season tournament this week; hopefully resulting in some wins.

2.Creekin it up-many of my summer days were spent at the creek. It just never fails to amaze. Most recently, kalli and I bought rafts and floated down the creek for a few hours.

3.Family time-I just love my family and really wish summer could go on forever. Whether it was Sunday dinner, scrabble, el rancho, or just hangin out it was the best.

4.Batman, The Dark Knight-bar none, it was the best movie I've seen. You bet your boots I'll be back to see it again.

(picture from the creek)

5.My job-being a tour guide was out of this world. I met people from all over the world and learned a lot of skills that will be very applicable to my upcoming career! Not to mention I made a lot of great friends too. So what's next? I begin student teaching next week! I'll be working in a first grade class not far from the Mount Timpanogas Temple. I'll be done and graduated by Thanksgiving!!!! I'm also looking forward to Jason coming all the way from Auckland to visit me this semester!


Brittany said...

I love it. I'm sad to see summer end so soon too. Not like we haven't had like 8 months of it by now. (New Zealand was most definitely summer!) I'm excited you will be back in Provo though. Oh and I'm just about to post the most amazing pictures ever so you should check them out.

Omniglot said...

You rock! You'll be there next week, and Em and I will be back in about three weeks. I think that Winslow dinners are in order again. Agreed?

amberdawn said...

Yay! You are coming to Provo! And you will be here for my wedding!! Wahoo!!! I love the picture of you cliff jumping and I love how fit you are :) ! I also love that you are starting your student teaching and you'll be close to my hometown! You will have to let me know how student teaching goes... I was in first grade my first block and it was so amazing. I loved it. Tomorrow is my last day with student teaching... time to move on I guess you could say. I can't wait to see you on Friday!! Love you love you love you!