Sunday, September 28, 2008

Living the Dream via Idaho, Wyoming, Montana and Yellowstone

I can check off Idaho, Montana, and Wyoming off my "states to see" list. I went to Rexburg to hang out with Christie. After Christie ran her 5K, we decided we were much too close to Yellowstone to not make the trip happen. Turns out yesterday was "National Public Lands Day" so we got to enter the park for free!!! I'm not generally a forest person. I would much rather see dirt and cactus for miles anyday before pine trees and mountains BUT Yellowstone proved to be one of the most scenic, magnificnet, and beautiful places I've ever been. Our timing was perfect becuase all of the leaves are reds, yellows, and oranges (seeing that we're so far North). Here's the thing, buffalo, elk, deer, ram, and other wild game do come right up to the road. They seriously own the place.

The park covers 3 states so it's pretty much impossible to see anything in it's entirety. Having said that we knew we wanted to see Old Faithful above everything else. Apparently Yellowstone is home to more geysers than any one place in the world. See for yourself

Basically what it comes down to is that Yellowstone is absolutely beautiful and everyone should see it before they die.


Steve and Kim Henling said...

I'm so happy you got to bond with your sister, Christie. I'm a little jealous cause I've never been to any of those states. Looks like fun!

LeAnn and Cris said...

So I totally snuck a peek at your blog from Kim's. I'm so gelous that you got to go to Yellowstone!! We wanted to go this summer while on vacation but just didn't have the time. If your up that way agin check out the Bar J in Jackson Hole. It's awesome!! Those pictures make me miss home!!

Corri Havlicek said...

Having been born and raised in Idaho I must agree - it rocks! I grew up in 10 minutes south of Rexburg. I love Yellowstone Park too, we used to go as a family every year and it never got boring. I love AZ, but miss the frozen North, as I call it.