Saturday, October 4, 2008

7 weeks down....7 weeks to go

I finished my last day of 1st grade on Friday. What an adventure it has been! I feel like I've learned more in the 7 weeks than I have for the last 3 years of college. I was so nervous to lead teach but the 3 weeks of lead teaching were absolutely amazing. Some of my favorite things about my 1st grade experience...

1. Miss Bratts. one boy had a lisp and always added an S to my last name. It stuck and the whole class called me Miss Bratts everyday

2. a girl wrote me a letter to tell me I have really good smelling breath

3. During a unit lesson I taught about the 3 forms of matter a boy asked.... is Heaven made of matter?

4. I asked the students whose face is on the front of a quarter.... they all answered-The Prophet!

5. one boy asked me if I was married, after I said no he thought for a while and then asked when I was going on a mission!

On Monday I start teaching in a 4th grade classroom in Orem. come 7 weeks and I will be a college graduate!! yahoo for that.

In two weeks fall break begins and I'm going to DISNEYLAND for the very first time!!! I'm considering it a reward/incentive for finishing my TWS (final unit project summarizing my teaching experience).


Kerri said...

You've become quite the traveler. I know you will have fun at Disneyland. I wish I could go with you to see you experience the magic!

Steve and Kim Henling said...

You do have really good smelling breath. NOT!

amberdawn said...

oh yea! You're doing exactly what i did... first then fourth. I loved both but fourth was definiely easier! I didn't know you were going on a mission :) Thank you for those cute phrases and questions!

Jeff and Whitney said...

Oh my gosh, I love it. What cute stories. I love how the Mormon culture permeates the classroom here. And I am most happy to hear that you are going to Disneyland! I miss you! It has been far too long since I've seen you!

Andrew & Elise said...

Larissa! Don't you love teaching in Utah? Always a different experience. Kids talking about missions, prophet, church. Unheard of. I'm jealous about you and Disneyland. But I miss your face. What are you gonna do after you graduate?