Saturday, November 22, 2008

Adios BYU

I did it! I'm officially a BYU graduate! I taught my last day of student teaching on the 21st. I've been working towards this goal since I was in elementary school and I have completed it! I have an overwhelming feeling that the next steps in my life can be anything I want them to. It's all up to me. I love it. As of December 1, I will be teaching English at Winslow High School. I really lucked out with the position becoming available right as my college obligations are complete.
It was bittersweet to leave Provo so abruptly. Some of my favorite things about the Y.....

a) I was always so grateful to be able to openly apply and discuss gospel principles in my college courses. There are so many parallels in the gospel. I am sure that my study was enriched because of that blessing.
b) BYU football. I don't really need to say more. people live for it and I love it too.
c) the diversity. I encountered people from all over the world.
d) new zealand. On that same note of diversity, I got the most amazing oppurtunity to live in New Zealand and become immersed in a new culture all while applying it to my academic studies. Amazing.
e) mint brownies and chocolate milk from the byu creamery. mmmmmmmm

Thank You BYU


Kerri said...

woohoo! congrats. a zillion congrats!!

Mandy said...

Great Job!!!! We are Very proud of you! Greg and Mandy

Omniglot said...

Also, you made deans list. Congrats!