Friday, December 19, 2008

december top 3

I showed my students this link today in class.... Top Ten photos of 2008 //

Top 3 reasons why December has been fantastic

1. I love teaching. Okay, five weeks isn't an enormous amount of time to be sure that you love or hate something but I am flabbergasted at how much I love teaching. The particular position is a perfect fit for me. I'm looking forward to teaching next semester and coaching track.

2. Christmas. need I say more?

3. New Zealand. I fly to Auckland on Monday! I'm so sad to be missing the talent show and opening presents with my familia but I know Christmas with Jason will be great too.

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Kerri said...

I am flabbergasted that you said flabbergasted! Isn't it one of the greatest words EVER! Awesome that you get to coach track. I'm going to coach polevault at a local high school, if we lived near each other we'd be track coach buddies! Wanna move to VA, we'd have a BLAST!