Thursday, January 22, 2009

God Bless the first 100 days

We've just entered a new chapter in America's story of economic peril, triumph, and tradition. As I watched and studied the inauguration address I was filled with hope and promise for the next four years. Obama has been given a mantle with more strings attached than any previous president has ever had to experience. It's really, really tough right now and I was extremely happy to hear such promise and optimism from our blossoming commander in chief. The comparison between Abraham Lincoln entering office amongst turmoil and Obama entering in as difficult circumstances was memorable and meaningful. Lincoln, though a rough around the edges country boy, proved to be one of the most influential leaders in our country's history. It's my hope that Obama can prove himself in this perilous time. Here's the thing, can he, and America, do it? If you would've asked me several months ago if Obama could do it I would've said, absolutely not. My outlook has changed. I am all for lofty goals being fulfilled in the face of pessimisim. He's speaking as the Superman America needs right now. I'm hoping and praying he lives up to his lofty inauguration address and swift policy action. God Bless America, especially in the first 100 days!


ssjace16 said...

I like Obama too... But who cares what I think I am a Kiwi afterall :)

Kamarie said...

Hey larissa, once I get everything put together for the class I will just email you everything. Hopefully it will at least show you how to get started and you can call me with questions and stuff too! Email your email address to and as soon as its ready I will send it over.