Saturday, January 3, 2009

Our Top Three...

Kia Ora,
I'm home after the best Christmas holiday of my entire life. Jason went above and beyond to ensure that our holiday was all inclusive. We made tracks all around the north island. I went to the beach on a daily basis and have the tan lines to prove it.
My top three favorite adventures
1. Cape Reinga, the northern most piece of land in NZ. The pacific and tasman oceans meet here and the waves crash in the middle of the ocean to signify the meeting of the oceans. It's the most impressive thing I have ever seen. The picture above the smile box video shows the meeting of the two seas.

2. Waiheke Island
There are many small islands off the coast of Auckland. Waiheke is an island that serves as a weekend getaway for Aucklanders. We rode the ferry to Waiheke and enjoyed the Hottest New Zealand Sun I have ever felt and a classic beach day. I am struggling still with a sun burn from this special day.

3. New Year's Eve
Jason and I stayed in the Duxton, downtown Auckland to bring in the New Year's. We got dressed up and went out to to eat. I've never had a 4 course meal before so I very much enjoyed the water front table overlooking Mission Bay. It was fun to be in Auckland since it's the first city in the world to bring in the New Year's! New Zealand is the first country next to the international date line.


Steve and Kim said...

What a cute couple! You guys should get married. By the way, your blog background is amazing!!

ssjace16 said...

What a coinkidink... Your top 3 are the same as mine... GOOD TIMES!!! Miss ya heaps