Saturday, February 21, 2009

Grand Canyon on Valentine's Day

an awesome shot of the Grand Canyon train we rode
both of us were walking with extreme caution because the sidewalks were completely iced/snowed over

I made Jason walk through 2 feet of snow to get this awesome shot under the icesicles. Come on, it's worth it to get some snow in your shoes to get the perfect icesicle shot.

no words are needed here.... Loving one of the 7 Wonders of the World in my backyard!

happy valentine's day!

the train ride....
We went to the Grand Canyon for Valentine's Day. We got up early and caught the Grand Canyon railway train in Williams, Arizona. My entire family went along for the ride. What a great Valentine's Day it was. First off, neither Jason or myself had seen the Grand Canyon with snow and it was a sight. Jason was astonished to see just how big the Grand Canyon actually was.
Riding the train was an event in itself. It was long enough that we got to enjoy the scenery, good company, and the random funny things.

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