Friday, February 20, 2009

the kiwi boy loves Arizona

We pulled over to catch a beautiful Arizona sunset...

a big huge struggle to take a picture with self timer. this picture would be the waterfall outside of the Snowflake temple

Jason has given several "kiwi etiqutte" lessons on using a knife AND fork to eat. so far, it's safe to say that Americans will probably never understand the point of fork and knife

for self timer, I'd like to think this one turned out nicely.

Props to Jason for giving the best lesson ever on New Zealand culture. Mrs. Bratt's 3rd grade class was loving the accent and Maui story. Jason brought kiwis for each student as well.

no explanation needed for this lovely photo.
another struggle to take a picture with self-timer. We had a fantastic date at La Posada to celebrate one year together!
Q + A with Jason......
1. What is the best thing about Arizona?

The Grand Canyon. because I never thought I would see it, becuase it's much bigger than I thought!

2. What is the best meal you've had in Arizona?

Letter E Green at El Rancho

3. What's the weirdest thing about Winslow?

buildings that are abandon

4. What is the best thing about Winslow?

hanging out with the Bratt family


Greg Bair said...

He looks like a keeper to me!

Katie Petersen said...

Oh my gosh! Y'all are so cute! do you have a Promethean board in your class? I love mine! Are you liking 4th grade? I am hating 4th grade just in case you wanted to know. I can't wait to hopefully be teaching 1st grade next year!