Monday, March 23, 2009

Fishing on the open ocean

Yahoo for catching fish. It really is an accomplishment.
here's a close up of one of the dog sharks I caught

Yeah don't worry, that's a the SHARK I caught and I'm holding it. (easily one of the scariest things I've done is hold a shark)

My very first fish ever. (snapper)

Jason's dad took us fishing!!! I've never even held a fishing pole before so I was quite excited for the trip. Jason's brother Jordan warned me that it wasn't a very pretty or scenic spot but the second I saw it I was in awe as usual around New Zealand. This place never fails to amaze me.
I caught a snapper and 3 dog sharks. YES, I CAUGHT A SHARK. I didn't even know that was possible but I did it. I was even brave enough to hold it for a picture (as you can see).
I outfished Jason! He got the award for the smallest fish of the boat. But he was a very good coach to bait my line with squid and pilchard and he helped me reel in when the fish and/or shark were a little too tough.

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Matt and Heather said...

Look at you!!! Its so awesome that you get to do all this cool stuff! I'd love to catch a shark! heck, i'd love to just touch one. Good job :)