Sunday, March 1, 2009

Ragnar Relay-202 mile relay race in the middle of the Arizona Desert...Awesome

I did it! I ran a 202 mile relay with 12 awesome team members. It's an overnight relay that originates in Prescott and runs all the way to Mesa. My part of the relay was a 5.6 mile leg at lunch time on Friday, a 7.5 mile leg at about midnight, and a 3.4 mile leg on early morning Saturday. While I wasn't running I was cheering on teamates and trying to sleep/rest in the van. It was the coolest race I have ever ran (also the hardest). From what I heard at the race the Ragnar is harder/as hard as a marathon. All that means to me is... it's time to run a marathon. Check out the Course map below to see just where I ran!


Kim said...

So jealous. Good job. Too bad you couldn't walk afterwards. Was it worth it?

Patrice said...

So awesome! I have to do that one day, but maybe I should get a few more 5Ks under my belt so I learn how to not trip on my shoelace and fall in the middle of a race.