Thursday, April 23, 2009

6 reasons

6 reasons why I love my future husband. . .
1. he calls me everyday (I'll be excited for the day when we won't have to even talk on the phone)
2. When I have a bad day he makes it a good day. He does all in his power to make me feel better.
3. I really do love his accent. I'm a sucker for it.
4. Things I struggle with always seem to come easy for him.
5. He loves me more than anything
6. He loves the gospel
I'm just really missing him right now! Come June 26 and he'll be in the great state of Arizona.


ssjace16 said...

6 reasons I love my future wife...

1. She has a way of bringing out the best in me.

2. She loves me

3. I ove her accent, im a sucker for it

4. Im a better man because of her

5. She sees the best in me

6. She is everything I need and want

i miss you too, not too much longer!!!

love you

Jeff and Whitney said...

You guys are sweet together. I am excited for you. And it was a privilege to watch that masterpiece of animation down below! Totally impressed!

kim said...

ahhh how sweet. i'm gonna go throw up now :-)

Your future husband said...

Okay... so random comment to make you smile... I know you love it when I post. Sooo ummmm... Do you like my new blogger name... im pretty sure you were getting sick of ssjace16 I dont know if this much better haha I lack imagination. Compliment of the day... You are very talanted with this blog stuff!!! I love you have a great day!!!