Saturday, April 4, 2009

find Joy in your journey

How amazing is general conference? Every 6 months the Lord is able to teach his people through the mouths of His prophets. Every 6 months I feel like the Lord designed a "how to" guide to life just for me. I guess it's just one of the many, many blessings, and teaching moments received through the Spirit.
I was especially in need of Steven E. Snow's message, "Preparing For Change"
He states 4 steps:
1. Follow the Prophets
2. Keep and Eternal Perspective
3. Have Faith
4. Be of Good Cheer


Joe said...

I agree, conference rocks :)
Favorite talk: . . . no idea, but I really liked Elder Holland's talk about the atonement and Elder Bednar's talk about the temples. Very cool.

ssjace16 said...

I LOVE CONFERENCE, well down under... WAY DOWN UNDER we get conference a week late. I am so excited to sit down and listen to a prophets voice! I just know there will be something just for me in there.

Katie Petersen said...

Conference was pretty fantastic. I loved Elder Holland's talk. INCREDIBLE! You definitely need to start preparing for change. Marriage is definitely a change but so worth it all!

Kim said...

I especially liked the part during conference where you slept on my couch. LOL!!! You're absolutely right-those 4 steps are perfect for you and Jason. You definitely have a big change coming!