Monday, May 18, 2009

50 Day Countdown

So planning a wedding is a big huge deal. Despite the fact that I sometiems get stressed out and overwhelmed I am mostly super excited and anxious about being married. It's so fun to make the decisions about our special day. The only thing I'm sad about is Jason's absensce. So here are the highlights of what has been planned so far...
We are being sealed in the Snowflake, Arizona temple. 
Kimmy and I made the invitations ourselves. Photoshop works wonders.
Our honeymoon will be at the Wigwam Motel....
                                                                Just Kidding!!!
    Family Dinner at El Rancho-that's the best part about it all!! It wouldn't be a Bratt get together without some green chile in our lives...

the wedding cake is carrot cake. Seriously, boring white cake doesn't even taste good to me so why should I have it? Bust. Carrot cake=good

  • I'm wearing turquoise sandals under my dress. I can make a promise that you will see an abundance of Navajo jewelry at my wedding. What other kind of jewelry would I wear??
chips and various kinds of my favorite salsa-made by people in Winslow. Again, what else do you expect from me. I live for salsaBlack/White color scheme
bride/bridesmaids bouquets are white
the New Zealand reception will be at the beautiful winery below...Soljans
    We will be flying to New Zealand just a few days after our reception in Winslow, Arizona. 
    A few people have asked me if I am starting to get nervous or even doubtful. My response is always the same. That nervousness came around before I said yes. Now that I've committed and said yes-I am dying to put that second ring on my finger. In 50 days, yes 50 more days, and Mr. and Mrs. Richards will be loving life.


{kim} said...

I can't wait for the big day!! It is going to be awesome. Oh, and I decided you can't move away. There is room at the Largs for you guys.

Anonymous said...

its going to be a great day!!! the countdown is on, cant wait to see you!!!

amber said...

I am totaly loving this wedding- especially the jewelry! The only thing I am disappointed about is the honeymoon stay. You would really enjoy a place like that you know. Things could get real interesting... especially if those tipees aren't sound-proof!