Sunday, May 3, 2009

Arizona=The Real Sunshine State

After a harsh and rather snowy winter, after the worst spring wind EVER...

I'm starting to remember just why the Arizona sun is so fantastic. As a matter of fact Arizona receives more sunshine per year than any other state!! There is an average of 242 days of warm sun (that's about 90%). I guess when you're born a desert rat you can't help but thrive when the temperatures finally begin to soar. A few other reasons why I welcome the hot sun include: warm weather=summer=School's Out!!, an excuse to wear shorts daily, running outside and not having to bundle up, and the creek!
Yahoo for summer time being so close!
oh yeah, see for yourself about the sunshine state below


{kim} said...

I love this post about the sun and your summer-y blog! Makes me so excted about summer. We have to take Jason to the creek!

Anonymous said...

Im looking forward to basking in the sun!!! Its getting so cold here I hate it, im going to have to wear my big coat today!!! ohh and cant wait to see the creek again... never got to try it out... My seasons have been so screwed up this last year its not even funny