Saturday, May 9, 2009

My Mom

Happy Mother's Day

I find it hard to write exactly what I want to say when it comes to my mom. There is so much that I've learned through her example and what she has taught me.

My mom is the toughest and bravest person in the world. She's faced some scary situations after 5 kids, breast cancer, paying for 5 kids' colleges, looking after my dad during surgeries, and ensuring that we never, ever went without. My mom is a hard worker-she didn't even take personal leave while she went through chemotherapy and radiation. Now that I'm a teacher I fully understand just how amazing of a feat it is to teach 3rd grade. -especially after the fatigue, sickness, and side effects of harsh cancer treatment.

My mom has never ever put her needs above ours. Even through cancer-she was her same self-working hard to get us kids through college. It humbles me to think how much sacrifice was put in by my mom to raise me up to who I am today. I wish two things right now.

Wish 1: I wish that I would've recognized the sacrifices she's made for me. I never fully recognized, or appreciated it, until I became somewhat of an adult.

Wish 2: I wish that I can be everything that my mom is. Namely, selfless, humble, nurturing, caring, tough, brave, outgoing, positve, and awesome. I cannot wait to be a mom someday. That truly will be my most noble calling in life. Luckily I have so many wonderful moms around me to show me just how it's done.

**a special shoutout goes to Kimmy and Moni**

They may be my big sisters but I speak for Christie and I when I say we've been blessed to have two sisters that showed us the same love that Mom does. Now I see them raising kids and I love watching them be moms. They're following in the foot steps of someone awesome...


{kim} said...

I'm not gonna lie, I have tears in my eyes from reading that. You will be an amazing mom too in about 11 months. I can't wait!

Anonymous said...

MUMS are awesome!!!