Monday, June 22, 2009

9999999 more days

Okay, let's be honest. I'm dying. Jason gets here in just 12 more days. It might as well be 999999 more days. We've been doing the across the ocean relationship for far too long and I'm just ready to see him walk in the front door right now. The wedding stuff is mostly done and I'm just in limbo waiting for him to get here and for the big move to Auckland.
Because I serve in Young Women's, I'm going to girls camp at the end of this week as a leader over 4th year girls. It will be fun to go repelling, sleep in a tent, and hang out at the campfire. But my heart is in one place with one person... He gets here on July 3rd and finally, finally I will never have to say goodbye to him again.


{kim} said...

Cry me a river.

Your future husband said...

Well its only 7 days now, I cant wait it almost over... HANG IN THERE

Jeff and Whitney said...

YES! The best part about being married is not having to say goodbye. I remember right before we got married, we were only living a couple blocks away, and I told him how tired I was of having to say "goodnight" and have him leave at the end of the day. You have my sympathy. July 3rd is almost here!