Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Girls Camp

I have spent the 5 past days camping in the forest with 120 teenage girls. It truly was a great experience though there were times I was ready to bust a cap on some sassy teenagers.
Mostly girls camp rocked my world and allowed me to step out of some stress and remember what's most important...aka the gospel. I am truly grateful for that.
Day 1: We hiked the 3rd highest peak in Arizona, Esudilla Mountain. It stands at 10, 912 ft high!!! It was a super duper challenging 6 mile uphill hike in torrential rain and hail. I was loving it though.

Day 2: Repelling down a cliff and cooking breakfast on campfire. the highlight for me was catching up with lots of cousins and family in Joseph City

Day 3: My Birthday!! We observed the Sabbath Day and even had the
Sacrament. It was a really great experience for me and I took so much from the spiritual messages. I gave the devotional that day too.

Day 4: By this day I was really ready to come home-being cold in my sleeping bag and missing Jason as usual had set in. However, Family Home Evening complete with skits
was the highlight!

Day 5: coming HOME and realizing that everything about my life is about
to significantly change in a few days

This picture is dedicated to Jason. He knows I would never pass up a picture
of the flag!

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{kim} said...

Cute post. I knew you'd have fun if you went. I feel like I missed out. "You're a Grand Ole Flag..."