Friday, August 21, 2009

a date

kumm yeah, read the fine print that's Meteor Crater right here in Auckland, New Zealand.
that would be Saturn behind us.

Last week we went on a date to the Stardome Observatory. Sounds pretty nerdy but it was totally awesome. It had a screen on top of the ceiling with a live feed of the stars. Remember, that the southern hemisphere has completely different stars from the northern part of the world. The Southern Cross is their equivalent to the North Star.
It was awesome to go on a date as a married couple. I hope there's many more to come.


{kim} said...

what a bunch of nerds. j/k the observatory sounds awesome. i can't believe you're wearing a scarf in nz.

Kerri said...

i like your scarf, i want one to wear this winter, never owned one before. anyhow, way fun date, puts my husband to shame :) does looking at the stars while camping compare at all? yea, probably not, especially since i did more cuddling with kaci than brad!