Saturday, August 8, 2009

week in review

Kia Ora
Getting settled, moving in, adjusting to the new life has been very, very busy. This week we were finally able to enjoy a little bit of normalcy. So much so that I thought I'd tell you about it.
On Monday night we were in Wellsford for family home evening with the whole family. We wrote letters to Ezra who is serving in Oz at the moment.

On Tuesday
we signed up to run a half marathon!!! It will be a first for Jason and a second for me. The big run is the Waitakere City half marathon on October 11. We were hoping to do the full marathon instead but the Auckland city marathon is sold out.
On Wednesday we drove around Auckland and went to specific primary schools with job openings. Total I applied to was 10 different schools!!! Hopefully I will get word soon of a job offer or interview.

On Thursday we bought a sweet little night stand with a gift card for Briscoes.

On Friday
we made pumpkin soup!!! SO GOOD. America is missing out on the whole pumpkin soup thing. It is so delicious.
On Saturday we celebrated Nanas 77th birthday. All 35 of her children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren went out to dinner at Mairangi Bay.


{kim} said...

When did you ever run in a half marathon, and how come I don't know about it??? I want to see pics of your car and your apartment next. Sounds like a fun week.

Katie Petersen said...

Sounds like you are having so much fun! Maybe we can come visit sometime!

Amber said...

35 children? Yikes!!! She really got them here and got them here quick! I might need to talk to her...