Friday, September 25, 2009

JARS happenings

Life is good for us right now.  Post-marriage bliss we're still on cloud nine.  I think it might have to do with the fact that we did long distance for over a year.  We're coming up on a milestone here soon... the longest consecutive days we've ever been together in the same country at one time (the previous record was 3 months).  I don't really know how I ever did long distance.  I'm such a pansy now when we have to be apart.  I find it a billion times harder to say goodbye to him when he goes to work as compared to saying goodbye at an airport for months at a time.  
so here's the super normal and not really that cool update with us
1.  Jason is nearing the end of his first year at AUT studying occupational therapy.  He loves his coursework and feels that it's a good fit for him.
2. We're still training for a half marathon in just 3 weeks.  
3.  We LOVE our calling in primary.  We are team teaching the 11-12 year olds.  My favorite part about the calling is watching Jason sit in super tiny chairs during sharing time and singing time.  There's something that makes me smile when I see my husband singing along to popcorn popping in a mini chair.  priceless.
4. The weather is turning warm and before you know it summer will offiically be declared around here.  
5.  I'm still waiting patiently...kind of.... for a teaching position.  Each week I put out applications to job openings but most of the positions don't close for a few weeks so I haven't had any news. I miss teaching more than ever.   I will seriously take the first position offered to me just so I can be in a classroom asap.  
6. Bad news about my residency status... I can't apply for permanent residency for 10 more months... which means I have to continue to be an alien.  Super annoying but just part of life.
7.  My husband knows how to cook.  I think I married a bit of a Martha Stewart guy.  He loves trying new gourmet recipes and is the kind of cook that can make something amazing out of bare cupboards.  Lucky me.
8. We go on a date once a week.  This week's date is a dinner date... more on that in the next post...

Also a few thoughts on living in another country... It's getting to be super normal now.  I'm still fascinated with certain things and that will probably never go away. However, I can go places/talk to people/get on with life and feel completely normal.  I'm doing okay with the homesickness battle.  It's to the point now where I'm totally fine and don't think twice about home but one little thing can set me off. For example, I heard The Eagles on the radio signing "Standing on the corner in Winslow, Arizona" and smiled all through the song. By the end I was in tears telling Jason how much I miss home.  I've had good advice from people who have lived far, far, far away from home and they always tell me don't let your first few years abroad be ruined by your homesickness. It's easy to loathe in self-pity but I try to remember how freaking cool it is that I'm living in the 2nd most beautiful place in the whole wide world (2nd only to Arizona).  


Kerri said...

residency stuff sounds annoying. frustrating about not having a teaching job, bummer. i bet one that you love will come up soon.

McKenna said...

I'm totally obsessed with reading about you and your awesome life in New Zealand. It sounds so cool and I'm glad you are loving every second of it. Jason sounds like a keeper and I can't wait to meet him someday (we really need to make that happen.) Love you. Miss you.

{kim} said...

glad you are loving life over there. you really aren't missing much here. be nice to jason-he definitely is a keeper.

Brittany said...

I love that NZ is the SECOND most beautiful place! :) You have no idea how bad reading you blog makes me want to go visit!!!

amberdat said...

Long distance SUCKS!!! You are a total rock star though and I know what you mean about being apart for so long makes you so much more appreciative of each other and everything. Cause you know what it's like to be apart from each other. I hated saying goodbye too. Awful. No good. Very very bad. I love that you are still an alien. Maybe you should just paint your skin green and wear black eye shadow. It would be a hit.