Saturday, October 31, 2009

gratitude and a cornea transplant

I've always kept a journal.  I've always found it important to document and record anything notable, praiseworthy, challenging, and plain awesome.  That explains why I LOVE blogging and why I've chose to up my journal antics. I'm going to start a gratitude journal.  Simply stated, I'll take time each day to note down the things I am grateful for.  The idea is to start realizing one's blessings and become more positive, more optimistic, and grateful.  I want to start being grateful for more simple things so that I realize just how lucky {blessed} I am.
Today I chose to list my gratitude for {warm summer sunshine} when I walked outside, Sunday morning and not waking up to an alarm today, and my husband putting his arm around me at church.
What are you grateful for?
I'm also grateful for cornea transplants...   After an appointment with the eye specialist Jason heard the same news he always hears: your karotoconus is worsening and deteriorating.  This time though, the doctor assessed his condition at high risk FINALLY.  Jason's cornea transplant is finally going to happen.  We'll both nervous about the recovery process but at this point Jason's eyes have reached a stage where he has nothing to lose.  According to the specialist the transplant will occur sometime in the next 4 months.  I'll be grateful for his improved vision too!    

                   The bottom half of the picture shows what Jason sees everyday.  It's easy to see why we're so grateful he's getting a cornea transplant soon.


{kim} said...

dang, poor jason. I hope the transplant doesn't happen when you are supposed to be in AZ.

Calls said...

do we have the same eye thing? I have it in my left eye. A cornea transplant is in my future as well. Probably some time next year according to the last doctor I saw. I'm putting it off til we move. You'll have to tell me all about the process.

amber said...

oh my gosh. that would be awful!! I love being grateful for simple things too. Like a nice warm bed!! and underware!!