Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Best Thanksgiving Ever!

I don't think there is anyway possible to have a better Thanksgiving....
Everything good,great, grand, and wonderful that could possibly happen-actually happened.  
Reason 1: Jason experienced Thanksgiving for the very first time.  He ended up carving the turkey too.  The turkey carver is the most important job and he completed it with flying colors.  When I asked Jason what his favorite part of this new holiday was he responded:  "carving the turkey and experiencing something new"

Reason 2:  Kimmy made an announcement that I have been suspecting for quite awhile!  Baby #3 for the Henlings and niece and/or nephew #7 for me!!  

Reason 3:  Jason taught a lesson on New Zealand in my mom's 3rd grade class again. The kids asked great questions like: Is Australia in the same country as New Zealand?  Is there lava in New Zealand? and What language do you speak?

Reason 4:  Visiting the Snowflake Temple again after being married there in July.  It was super special to be in the temple again where we were married.  It reminded both of us just how blessed we are!
Reason 5:  Being in Arizona again.  We played tons of Scrabble, Sorry, and Settlers.  We hauled tons of wood for my parents, played basketball in my yard, ran in the desert, went to El Rancho, E&O's, Alfonso's, and Captain Tony's (or as Jason says Captain Crunch).  The funniest part about being back in America was how many times Jason went to Wal Mart.  He made 89 trips probably and we even stopped in Payson on the way to the airport one last time.  I think he got his fix.  

Enjoying El Rancho chips and salsa!!!
Reason 6:  Visiting Australia 
Our layovers summed up to 2 full days in Oz.  We saw the sights and want to go back again for some more fun someday.

  We love all the Bratts in America and can't wait to be back again soon.  We're grateful for all the familiar faces in Winslow and all the love and support we get from everyone.
Most of all, I miss my dang sisters.  I hope I never ever have to go through one of those goodbyes at the airport again.  Until next time Arizona, I'll keep you updated on life in Auckland.  


Buzz and Camille said...

Larissa that made me tear up a little... I'm glad you had such a wonderful Thanksgiving!! Love you!

Kerri said...

wow, fun. can i ask a probably dumb question... what the heck does "jars" mean?

{kim} said...

It was so fun! I can't believe you forgot to mention Root Beer Stand in your list of eating places. And, you should have inluded a picture of your special pants.