Friday, December 18, 2009


Kia Ora and G'day mate!!! Its Christmas time and Larissa has been bugging me for months to post on her page so I've finally found some time to get around to it.

 Here in New Zealand we celebrate Christmas a little differently than people in the North, where snow and hot chocolate are involved we opt for a beach and a barbie (down under lingo for a bbq). Where you would go see Santa in his sleigh and reindeer in tow; we see Santa with a beach chair and umbrella ready to hit the waves.

Yes, is it is true Christmas is quite different down here and not what would be considered normal for many people reading this post. But all is not lost, different does not always mean bad. A Richards family typical Christmas consists of spending lots of time with the family, including uncles, aunts and cousins. We eat a lot of good food like chicken, turkey ham, pumpkin, kumara,  and roast potatoes to name a few. We get a good dose of the beach sun and then usually go to bed with full stomachs. Christmas falls into summer vacation in New Zealand so all the kids have the luxury of enjoying Christmas to its fullest. After Christmas we spend the next week eating leftovers until New Years rolls around where we pretty much do the same thing minus the presents and Christmas tree. I have never had anything close to a white Christmas so this is all I know and I love it!!! Some things that New Zealanders indentify with Chistmas are...

1. FOOD!!! It's not Christmas if you aren't enjoying all the regular Christmas treats.
2. Good company. its always nice to catch up with the extended family and see all my uncles and aunties again.
3. The beach... I know its a little weird for people who are used to snow but dont knock it till you've tried it.
4. BBQ, They stretch out over the whole summer
5. Long days and short nights, Its daylight savings right now so the sun doesnt go down until 9pm!!!
6. Po-hu-ta-ka-wa trees... I thought I' help out those of you who dont speak Maori, this tree is considered New Zealands Christmas tree and its not hard to see why. Check out this pic below...

I hope you all  have a very Merry Christmas and a happy new year!!! Enjoy yourselves over the festive season.

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Buzz and Camille said...

Love the post Jason!! I don't think there is anything wrong with beach time and Christmas! Hope you have a good one!