Sunday, December 27, 2009

Jars had a great Christmas

     Christmas rocked.  On Christmas Eve we carried on the Bratt traditional talent show and stayed up til 2 in the morning trying to cook pumpkin in time for Christmas feast the next day.  We woke up early on Christmas to a *Blue Clear Sky*.  Jason was surprised to see a filled stocking from Santa!  (Traditionally Santa doesn't fill stockings in NZ)  We opened presents with Jason's family later that day and that was a blast since there are tons of little ones.  We had Christmas dinner at Jason's uncle's beautiful beautiful beautiful beach front home. After filling up on kumara, pumpkin, and the works we headed to the over crowded beach for a dip.  I'm pretty sure that moment confirmed that I was not missing winter.  I was so happy to be spending Christmas with my darling and his extended family.   
     Boxing Day proved to be awesome too. We went to a different beach for some sunbathing and to enjoy Jason's new ipod.  We attempted to score some sweet Boxing Day deals but the mall was a madhouse and it wasn't worth it so we spent time with the Anderton family instead.  A good meal, good company, and a super fun board game sum up Boxing Day.  

*Blue Clear Sky is a George Strait song*

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