Saturday, February 13, 2010


for me, it's those little everyday things that make me feel like the luckiest girl in the world to be loved.  

a) he turns out the bedroom light even though I'm on the light switch side of the room
b) he always opens the car door
c) he always waits to eat until I take my first bite
d) he puts his arm around me at church
e) he lays on the beach to read books with me
f) he lets me play enya when we got to bed so I'll fall asleep fast
g) he misses my family
h) he reminds me that I'm beautiful
i) he brings flowers to work after a horrible day
j) he folds clothes way better than I do
k) he lets me listen to country music
l) he encourages me to do what i love
m)he loves his family
n) he carries my purse
o)he takes me to museums and libraries
p)he lives in a very beautiful place
q) he uses his accent to romance me
r)he cooks Mexican to remedy homesickness
s)he knows any scripture off the top of his head
t)he takes me on a date once a week
u)he always lets me eat off his plate
v)he decorates better than me
w)he still quotes a pilgrim poem my mom taught him
x)he forgives 
y)he sings songs that I request on long car rides
z)he's super handsome
I truly am blessed! I love this man.  


{kim} said...

awww, so sweet. I miss Jason too. You guys should move back.

Stephanie said... you think he could give Tim lessons on folding clothes?? I despise folding =)

LeashyLoo said...'ve got a keeper! You guys are such an awesome couple! WE love hanging with the two of you!

Omniglot said...

Emily and I have decided you live in Pleasantville. At first we though Jason was just really white in the photo, but then we remembered you live in New Zealand. So Pleasantville it is. Check IMDB if you don't know what the movie is. :D