Friday, May 21, 2010

23 things about living in a foreign country

Differences in my life now that I'm in a foreign country:
  1. I'm wearing a sweater and it's June.
  2. I buy fruits and vegetables according to season.
  3. I hang all clothes to dry.
  4. I take my shoes off at the door.
  5. I see the ocean daily.
  6. I kiss on the cheek when I greet someone I'm close with.
  7. I have learned to love Thai food in lieu of Mexican.
  8. I have learned to fluctuate letters and words like kiwis.
  9. I don't use pennies. Pennies don't exist here.
  10. I check the country charts every few weeks to make sure I'm up to date on good country music in the states.
  11. I have morning tea.
  12. I can get homesick at the smallest mention of America.
  13. I drive on the left hand side of the road.
  14. I stopped drinking milk.
  15. I know more about the eye than I ever thought necessary. That's part of the gig when you have a eye disease stricken husband. (his transplant is healing great though)
  16. I never use shopping bags because I'm not willing to pay money for a plastic bag.
  17. I set the table with a fork and knife for Jason's sake but still refuse to eat with a fork and knife.
  18. I stopped topping everything with cheese (like Americans do).
  19. I refer to where I'm from as "the states".
  20. I carry an umbrella daily.
  21. I do not talk about politics at home. Conservative Republican married to a Nationalist in a socialist country can make for some heated debates.
  22. I don't see fast food on every single corner and have not been in a Wal Mart since 2009.
  23. I now pray for sunny days-I grew up praying for rain
I still look through the world with American eyes. I think American, have American opinions, and judge things as an American would. Which is probably why the little things mentioned above are somewhat of a novelty. What an interesting life I have to be married to a kiwi and live in another country. So Random. It's our little adventure!

Last Sunday we had New Zealand national conference. Think mini general conference broad casted from Salt Lake for the members of New Zealand. It gives New Zealanders a chance to hear apostles speak directly about people and places we know-like Hamilton, Christchurch, and Dunedin. President Boyd K. Packer spoke and he opened his talk by saying-what did you all do before you were born to be lucky enough to live in New Zealand?
That little comment made me smile and appreciate my chance to live in this amazing place for a little while.


Omniglot said...

It's so funny, but I see a lot of this stuff to be true here as well. We miss you guys, and really wish we could go visit you all soon. We keep our fingers crossed!

Jeff and Whitney said...

I love this. You truly are living such an amazing adventure! Miss you!