Sunday, July 4, 2010

The America Post

As you are aware, I may just be the most patriotic person you have ever met.  Hence the America Post. Which is also why I'm mega homesick for the warm summer month of July (not winter like it is here) when flags adorn houses and fireworks, parades, and BBQ can be found on every city block on the 4th of July

What is it about Americans that makes us so proud and grateful for our great nation?  Well, I feel that I can answer that a little better now that I’m living overseas.  America’s history is amazing.  Think about it-a band of rebels revolted against the most powerful nation in the world and won!  That’s just one of many examples of God’s hand in the forming of our great nation.  Christopher Columbus accidentally discovering America, Puritans seeking religious freedom on the New England shores, The Declaration of Independence, and I could go on and on. 

Americans live a great life.  No matter what anyone tells you-Americans are blessed with an abundant life with limitless opportunities.  The government was formed in a way that would allow for that very purpose.  Americans dream BIG.  We overdo everything and strive to the best at everything we do. We have world-class universities, Wal Marts with amazing prices, grocery stores with so many choices, the right to vote, Mexican food, and so many more choices!  That’s probably one of the biggest, if not the biggest, challenge for me in a foreign place.  Living in America you come to accept that anything is attainable, going to Harvard? No problem. Need a chimichanga? No problem. Price shop for best buy on products? No problem.  There is a very limited amount of choices among the products and prices here.  There are 3 universities in the entire country.  Granted, the Phoenix metropolitan area alone has MORE people than the entire country of New Zealand.  More people, more business=more choices for consumers.  Note:  this is not a dog on New Zealand post.  This is an  I Love America post.  Everyone knows New Zealand rocks.  I’ve never met anyone that has come here and thought it was a total bust.  

Americans grow up knowing just how awesome we are.  It’s not everywhere in the world that children salute the flag and recite a pledge of allegiance at the start of every school day.  It’s a wonderful thing to teach children that they are part of an amazing place with a legacy that will last forever.

Did you know that Americans display a ridiculous amount of flags? Whether on a flag pole or on clothing, you cannot escape it.  I never knew we did until my kiwi husband began counting flags as we drove around American cities.  The drive from Provo to Salt Lake City you will see roughly 70 flags!  We probably missed some but that’s more than 1 flag per 1 mile.  That’s impressive.  I love America, love being American, and anxiously await the day we move to America.  So when you are out watching fireworks and eating hot dogs remember how lucky you and I are for being American. 

There is one other reason that 4th of July is significant to me.
Last 4th of July I waited anxiously for Jason to step off the plane from New Zealand TO MARRY ME.  I’ll never forget how it felt to see Jason for the first time in months knowing that I would literally never say goodbye to him again.  When he hugged me it was different.  There was no more uncertainty about our future together, only a surety that we were doing the right thing no matter how hard it would be. How good it is to be loved by someone who would cross an ocean for you, multiple times.
Jason's first 4th!  7 days before Wedding!
      And for that reason alone, I live in New Zealand right now.

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McKenna said...

Larissa, I love this post. America is amazing and I can always count on you helping me to remember why our country is simply so glorious! Way to have that American pride way down there on the other side of the world!