Monday, July 5, 2010

My Confession

I have a confession to make.

When I signed up for my marathon way back in December I had no idea what time I would finish it in. I really didn't even have a ballpark figure. Which explains why I listed my "projected finish time" on my marathon application as 2 hrs and 55 min.

Fast forward 5 months to April 30. Jason and I are checking in to our hotel in Rotorua where the marathon was held. I start casually reading a newspaper at the desk and am startled to see my name on the headline article reading the following:

"Watch out for Auckland's Larissa Richards, posting a 2:55 min projected finish, she is likely to win this year's women's division." The article further states that last year's winner was pumped to race me and was confident she could win.

Are you kidding me?
I read this and immediately died. I quietly hid the newspaper from Jason because I was too embarrassed to show him. The night before the race was spent tossing and turning between thoughts of finishing, dying, getting injured, finshing, and dealing with how I would handle the 2:55 situation.
I show up for race day, along with thousands of others, and hear my name over the loud speaker. "Look out for Larissa Richards! She's expected to win the marathon. "
Somehow Jason didn't hear the huge announcement and I tried to act as nonchalant as possible.

I finished my race on my own time...not world class 2:55...rather 4:00. (which is commendable for a first time marathon)

After the race I was still too embarrassed to tell Jason. The sad part about this hilarious story is that I barely told Jason last week.

I searched the internet to see if the newspaper article was online. Don't worry, instead of finding the local paper, I stumble on the National newspaper for all of New Zealand with a similar article that appeared in print and on TV. It's not quite as funny as the first article but still, you get the idea!
See for yourself- 3 News Marathon Article

Hope this makes you laugh-Now that I finally said it out loud we can't stop laughing about it!


{kim} said...

Me and Steve laughed all day long about it. I had tears streaming down my face when you told me. Thanks for sharing, that made my life!

Andrew & Elise said...


Omniglot said...

We're still laughing. Very well done. You did a much better job than either of us ever could. AND... you're famous now!

Nikki said...

Love it honey! Love you! :) :)

Jeff and Whitney said...

Oh my GOODNESS! That is one awesome story. So glad you confessed. You're amazing.

James and Patrice said...

I'm crying right now. Seriously. I read it to myself and thought it was funny and then read it to James out loud and could barely get through it. That is awesome. You need to print that article and keep it for your grandkids. Thank you so much for sharing it.

Brittany said...

That is the BEST story! I love it!

Mallory Jo Searle said...

I love this so much. Oh it just makes me laugh out loud. Thanks for not being too embarrassed to share, you know it made a ton of people happy!!!