Friday, August 20, 2010

Couples Night at Jars

Last night Jason and I had a couples game night at our house. We played games that could only be completed with the help of one's other half. We played the newlywed game, which led to some funny confessions. We played name that love song, 2 truths and a lie-couple style, and tied everyone's hands behind their back and made them open and eat a candy bar with only their mouths. hilarious. I might add that jason competed alone since I was the picture taker and he managed to open and eat the candy bar by himself before anyone! what a nerd. 
Nikki and Daniel, Alan and Naomi competing in the candy bar contest!

NERD. okay redneck

The group shot!  Just so you know, that beautiful boy on my lap is Xavier.  I love him.  He's one of the Richards cousins.  
Don't worry we'll definitley be doing this again.  I have a few games saved for next time...

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Andrew & Elise said...

That sounds like such a fun night!! By the way, here's my blog address since you deleted your list. That's a bummer.