Friday, August 27, 2010

"look where I live"

Through various experiences in New Zealand it has come to my attention that I am adjusted. Meaning, I'm fine. I'm an integrated part of the culture, way of life, people, etc...
Some of you may think, geez how different can it be? Well, any place that is not what you're used to takes some getting used to.
I've struggled with homesickness more than I care to admit. One time we were watching Extreme Home Makeover and I was legit streaming with tears. The show was being filmed in Gallup, New Mexico and I could oh so identify with it. So yes, little things can make me miss the USA but I'm fine. My supportive and patient husband supports {tolerates} my random crying sessions to go home and always seems to point out the wonderful and amazing reasons why it''s so cool that we live in New Zealand.
I love that we attend a ward where we are really needed. Our ward is so special to us and has been a source of strength. I also am still obsessed with the accent. Is it ever going to wear off? Probably not. I STILL make Jason repeat words just to hear him say it. I just can't wait to have little kids running around with accents. How cute will it be to have kids that ask for morning tea, kiss on the cheek when greeting someone, take their shoes off at the door? I could go on and on. Working for the church has been miraculous as well. My bosses all happen to be American. I get my daily dose of American sarcasm, mixed with occasional American treats, which can go a long way when you just want people to "get you" once in awhile.
My realization of being adjusted truly became evident when we almost moved back to Arizona for a second. I had accepted a job but ended up turning down the position after Jason and I decided it wasn't the right time or the right place. For a second though, when we were talking about packing our lives and starting over I realized that this place is now part of me. It now makes me who I am. Really, I'm just happy to finally feel like New Zealand is home.
I really should brag about this place more when I post. Honestly, at least one time each day since I've been here I look around and think how the freak did I get so lucky to live here?
When Jason and I were dating it seemed like every new date was at a new beach that was more spectacular than the one previous. I always used to say,
"LOOK where you live! Do you know how lucky you are?"
Now he's the one saying it to me!!

New Zealand destinations according to the All Blacks (awesome footage)